Shannon Jirik

Hello readers! Thanks for checking us out! My name is Shannon, and I am so excited to be joining the Glimmerglass this year as Executive Editor. Communicating effectively is both my major and my passion. I love to see how we can better glorify God when we work at this crucial part of our lives. Aside from being an editor, I hold an executive position on ASC (student council), T.A. speech classes, coach at the Academic Coaching Center, have a marketing internship at Aspen Group, and volunteer at Wesley’s Table Food Pantry. Yikes.

In other more important news, Culver’s kid’s meals are my weakness, and I invented the man bun before it ever swept the nation. I make a mean quiche, and although I only weigh 100 pounds, I can squat 130. My greatest accomplishment this semester would be to get Luke Guertler a girlfriend. Ladies, please see Luke’s impressive bio.