Shannon Jirik
Executive Editor
Hello readers! Thanks for checking us out! My name is Shannon, and I am so excited to be joining the Glimmerglass this year as Executive Editor. Communicating effectively is both my major and my passion. I love to see how we can better glorify God when we work at this crucial part of our lives. Aside from being an editor, I hold an executive position on ASC (student council), T.A. speech classes, coach at the Academic Coaching Center, have a marketing internship at Aspen Group, and volunteer at Wesley’s Table Food Pantry. Yikes. In other more important news, Culver’s kid’s meals are my weakness, and I invented the man bun before it ever swept the nation. I make a mean quiche, and although I only weigh 100 pounds, I can squat 130. My greatest accomplishment this semester would be to get Luke Guertler a girlfriend. Ladies, please see Luke’s impressive bio.
Connor Pestka
Executive Editor, Spring
I am the Co-Executive Editor for the GlimmerGlass this semester. This will be my third year of involvement with the paper, and I have moved from Staff Writer to Online Editor to Co-Executive Editor. I was drawn to the paper because of the enjoyment I get from writing and the opportunities it provides in that field as well as in leadership and operating an organization. I also very much enjoy the outdoors, and the past two summers have been able to work at an adventure camp in North Carolina. I hope to get back to the mountains as soon as possible.
Jacki Brown
Online Editor
Jacki Brown is a Junior from Novi, Michigan. Some girls come to Olivet in hopes of receiving their Mrs. degree but Jacki is studying to get her MIS degree. In addition to majoring in Management Information Systems, she has minors in IT and Marketing. Jacki spends most of her free time at Taco Bell. She also prefers original Oreos to Double Stuf Oreos and is pro-oxford comma.
Cassie Appleton
News Editor
Hello friends! My name is Cassie Appleton, and I am a sophomore student with a major in Public Relations and a minor in Spanish. I am serving as a news editor at The GlimmerGlass this year, and I couldn’t be more excited! I am passionate about words, music, dance, Mexico, and Jesus. I *officially* fan girl about four things in my life: Tori Kelly, sunsets, Newsies, and Portillo’s french fries. My life mission statement is “to focus on the depth of my life by loving Jesus with my all, never losing my wonder, and anchoring my confidence in He who is greater than I, trusting the breadth of my ministry to the Lord.”
Luke Jungermann
News Editor
My name is Luke Jungermann, and I am a senior English major with minors in Writing and Business. This year, I have the pleasure of being a News Editor for the Glimmerglass, and I’m excited to take on the challenge. Along with being the Executive Editor for the Tygr Literary and Art Magazine and the president of the Olivet Rabbit Room writing club, this year is going to be quite busy! But I still hope to take the time to relax and enjoy my senior year. My favorite TV shows include The Office and Game of Thrones. My favorite book is East of Eden by John Steinbeck. And my favorite movie is Inception. My goals in life include owning a husky named Appa, living somewhere warm with mountains and a lake and no pollen, and publishing a series of fiction novels.
Samuel Nichols
Sports Editor
Samuel Nichols is a junior at Olivet. He loves talking about sports (particularly basketball) and watching, reading, or hearing a good story. Sam is known around the office for his wild antics and strange desire to make everyone think he is weird; thus far, he has been successful in that endeavor. In addition, if you want to make him mad, be sure to ask him what actuarial science (his major) is because you will be the 10,000th person to do so. Finally, he may be the only known student in Olivet history to have tackled a professor. He wants to thank Doctors Hathaway, Koch, Stidham, Himes, Dean, Blanchette, Greiner, Coach Stamatis, Coach Hodge, and Gary Newsome for being amazing influences on his college experience.
Nicole Pilbeam
Features Editor
Nicole is a junior public relations and strategic communication major with minors in mass communications and professional writing. She has been involved in the GlimmerGlass since her freshman year holding the positions of sports editor, life & culture editor, copy editor and now features editor. Nicole is also involved in the Olivet Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) as their National Liaison and in Inspired Strategies Agency (ISA) as an Account Executive for the Kankakee County Chamber of Commerce. During her free time Nicole loves to watch Netflix, drink coffee, and cuddle with her dog.
Kayla Young
Photography Editor
Hello loves! I am Mikayla Young, but I am known as Kayla to most people, and some don’t realize my actual name is not Kayla. Small laugh on my part. Anyway! I am this year’s Photo Editor for the GlimmerGlass, and I am beyond excited about that! This will be my junior year at Olivet, but I have worked as a photographer for the GlimmerGlass since my freshman year, fall semester. I tend to spend all my time in Larsen or my bed, because sleep is awesome. As Thor Ramsey once said, “I have dreams about taking naps.” Yet I tend to pull quite a few all-nighters because I procrastinate everything I do. I love a good snapchat car selfie, but I hardly post them anywhere. My hair is always changing, so when people don’t recognize me, I don’t take it too personally. And Chinese noodles are the way to my heart. ALSO! I will be an aunt this upcoming year, so that makes me the cool, crazy, artsy aunt, who will take never ending pictures of their cuteness, while eating noodles.
Jay Martinson
Faculty Advisor
Ph.D., 1993, University of Illinois M.S., 1990, University of Illinois B.A., 1986, Olivet Nazarene University Since 1993, Dr. Martinson has been the chair of the communication department. He also serves as the director of Olivet's interdisciplinary minor in leadership studies. He teaches a variety of communication courses, including public speaking, interpersonal communication, organizational communication, intercultural communication and leadership. He has also developed and taught leadership courses for Olivet’s MBA, EMBA and Ed.D. programs. In 2002, he received the Richard M. Jones Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he has served as the faculty advisor for Olivet's student council since 1995. Dr. Martinson and his wife, Jeanette, have two sons, two daughters and three grandsons. His hobbies include spending time with his family, photography and running.

Staff Writers

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Laura Bechtel
Staff Writer
Laura Bechtel is an ONU junior, majoring in English and minoring in Spanish. In addition to working as a staff writer for the Glimmerglass, she is also a member of Sigma Tau Delta. If that didn’t clue you in, she loves to read and write, hoping to one day become an author herself. Some of her favorite authors include John Green, Agatha Christie, and Jay Asher. She also loves music, anything by Taylor Swift in particular, and Broadway shows like Hamilton (which she saw this summer!). She grew up in New Lenox, a suburb only forty minutes away from the university. Laura has always been a homebody, and closeness is one of the many reasons she considers Olivet Nazarene to be the perfect school for her!
Rebecca Dembkowski
Staff Writer
Rebecca enjoys long walks to local coffee shops and gazing at the mountains that grace her presence as her computer background, an image she looks at more often than her homework. When she isn’t being responsible for one of her many tasks, she is probably listening to music and pretending people aren’t staring as she dance-walks her way across campus. Seen by many as a “do-all”, besides the GlimmerGlass, she is involved in two performing ensembles in the school of music and a participant in engineering club. Having recently listened to God when He said “don’t learn buildings anymore,” she switched to Communication Studies and is trying to stay afloat. Any advice and help is greatly appreciated for this Comm. newbie. Hoping to travel the world one day, she keeps her mind and spirit open for anything the world can (and will) throw at her.
Jennifer Doran
Staff Writer
My name is Jennifer Doran, and I am a junior. I write for the news section of the GlimmerGlass. I am double majoring in psychology and English, and double minoring in creative writing and professional writing, so my schedule is kind of crazy. On campus, I am involved in the equestrian club, and I am a big sister in Sister 2 Sister. I love watching movies, especially the Harry Potter series, spending time with family and friends, traveling, baking, cooking, and writing poetry and short stories. Horses are my favorite animal. I took horse riding lessons when I was little. A fun fact about me is that I was in America’s only Vaudeville group for three years.
Trent Hillier
Staff Writer
Trent Hillier is a junior Christian Theology major with a minor in History who runs on the Cross Country team. He loves running, the outdoors, photography, and basically any kind of adventure. If you want someone to go running with, belay you for a long climb, or have a good talk about trucks, Trent is your man.
Spencer Tong
Staff Writer
My name is Spencer Tong. I’m from Flint, Michigan, and I’m a sophomore majoring in youth ministry. Some of my favorite things to do are watch movies, spend quality time with friends, attempt to play all different kinds of sports, and play the drums. Some of my favorite things are Mexican food, baseball, meerkats, and Spider-Man (yes, I even have the suit). I sort my clothes as I hang them, even my jeans. I love dogs. My highest score in bowling is 137. I don’t like peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Sometimes I laugh so hard that I hurt my back, which makes me laugh even harder, which hurts my back more – it’s a terrible and hilarious cycle. With my youth ministry degree, I plan on becoming a youth pastor wherever God wants to take me.
Katherine White
Staff Writer
My name is Katherine White, and I am a freshman here at Olivet class of 2021. My majors include Multi-Media Journalism and Spanish. In my free time, I like to ride my longboard, play my guitar, write poetry, practice yoga, and go on photo-shoots.
Abriella Caravette
Staff Writer
Shannon Vandebunte
Staff Writer
Neiry Alvarado
Staff Writer
My name is Neiry Alvarado, and I’m a freshman in college. I am Majoring in Public Relations and Minoring in Communications. I enjoy writing and learning about new things especially if it’s about History. I play the violin and enjoy signing. I believe that you should always be motivated and dedicated because that is the way to success. “Rise up take courage and do it” Ezra 10:4

Sports Writers

Troy von Gillern
Sports Writer
As a sports writer, Troy enjoys watching and playing all athletics. However, he particularly enjoys NBA basketball and World Cup Soccer. In addition to sports, Troy enjoys long walks on the beach, staring at the sunset, and consuming burgers. His personal interests include Adidas, cats, dinosaurs, and trombone performances. He currently resides in the calm Chicago-land suburb of Hoffman Estates, IL. When asked about his long-term goals for the future, he responded that his immediate interest was “being able to dunk before graduating from ONU.”

Opinion Writers

Luke Guertler
Movie Reviews
Luke is a senior at Olivet pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies. In the hopes of turning his passion for film into a career as a screenwriter, Luke plans on attending the Los Angeles Film Studies Center in the spring. Academics aside, Luke’s days consist of trips to the movie theater, performing stand up comedy, and writing. And while his resume is impressive, shockingly enough he is still single, and has only one more semester of attendance at Olivet. So ladies… the clock is ticking. Stay up to date with the #GuertlerGuarantee by going to @lukeatthemovies on Instagram.
Grace Pelley
Opinion Writer
Grace Pelley is a senior from Cleveland, Ohio pursuing a degree in English. Her hobbies include reading, writing poetry, and swimming. She hopes to become a copy editor in the publishing industry.


Morgan Byers
Hey y’all, my name is Morgan Byers! I’m a senior and a double major in photography and graphic design. I am a photographer for the GlimmerGlass this year. I have a special interest in sports and any kind of action photography. I’m very involved in the school of music as well, as I am both in the band and orchestra, playing clarinet and bassoon. Normally I would march in the marching band, but now I’m its head of media. I take photos, make videos, design logos, manage our social media sites, and do anything publicity related for the band. Sometimes I still get to march in parades (like the Presidential Inaugural Parade!). Needless to say, I’m a hardcore band geek and orch dork and proud of it! A random fact about me is that I’ve been dancing pretty much my entire life. God is so good and has blessed me in numerous ways. It is my hope that I can share His love and blessings with others too.
Hannah Craig
My name is Hannah Craig. I’m currently in my second year at Olivet Nazarene University, and I’m studying multimedia communications. I was a part of the GlimmerGlass this past year as a staff writer and this year, I’m excited to be a part of the staff as both a staff writer and photographer. I’m really passionate about photography, and I’m looking forward to using that this year at the paper as well as the school yearbook, the Aurora. I’ve also got a slight coffee obsession and love anything to do with music and a good book.
Carlie Parpart
My name is Carlie Parpart. I am from Indiana. I am a junior electrical engineering student and a photographer at Glimmerglass. I enjoy reading comics and watching movies with my friends. My favorite color is blue and I love converse shoes.
Scarlin De La Cruz
NIa Hall
Daniel Meza
Kailyn Mickulas
Nate Tabor

Support Staff 

Lauren Anderson
Office Manager

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