College Church Plans to Construct New Additions to the Building

Across the street, College Church will be adding a new addition to their building; with construction hopefully to be started in Spring 2020.

The addition, not a remodel, is initially an idea that came about 5-6 years ago but has become more intentional in the last 2 years.

The sanctuary within College Church is shaped like a cross, which holds powerful symbolism, but doesn’t offer much room for fellowship after church services. This became to a big reason for why they are working toward this addition.

Many individuals have been involved with gearing up for the addition, and among them is Dean of the School of Theology and Christian Ministry and Head Pastor at College Church, Dr. Mark Quanstrom.

Their plan to fix their fellowship problem is to add a foyer around the building to “be a place for people to be and hangout,” Quanstrom said.

“It will connect all three transepts and be a place to go between services,” Jen Johnson, Executive Administrator at College Church, said.

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The idea behind the remodel is to help a stronger sense of belonging rise in the congregation. “This fits our mission better,” Quanstrom said. “Church isn’t an event, it’s a community.”

A foyer will be added between the Ludwig/cafe entrance. They will be getting rid of circle drive and making the entrance at the front of the church at ground-level for better access. Two court yards will be added along with an elevator to make all floors accessible. Glass will be added on the front to see directly into the sanctuary and stained glass that will be illuminated 24/7.

“I was intrigued by the plans to expand College Church because I am an Interior Design major and enjoy anything to do with design or architecture,” said freshman Brock Milliman. “I believe God is doing great things at College Church and will continue to do so through this expansion.”

This building project is the first project to happen on the property in the last 35 years. As mentioned previously, construction for the new addition is expected to start in the spring of 2020. They are planning to raise all the money for the build before it begins to take place. A campaign has already begun, and a third of the money has already been raised.

As Quanstrom said, “We want the building to say, ‘welcome.’”


Photos by Hannah Craig

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