“If not now, when?”: ONU Ministries look for new Volunteers

Students looking to join a new club or ministry only had to walk into Ludwig on Thurs, Jan. 18 for Olivet’s Festival of Ministries.

With tables lining the hall of Ludwig during lunch and dining hours, various ministries and clubs set up displays to highlight their work. Students were given the chance to learn about ministry opportunities, and ways to get involved in the community. HeArt Ministry and Life Support took full advantage of the event to share their message.

“Festival of Ministries exists to make Olivet students aware of all the awesome ministries here at Olivet and to invite them to sign up and participate” sophomore Jonathan Gonzalez, co-leader of HeART ministry said.

HeART ministry uses art to create fellowship. Members meet weekly and explore art styles, art medium, and art projects. They walk through a devotional and take time to get to know each other and God better, and to get to know art.

With co-leader Allison Beecher, Gonzales handles and organizes things like devotionals, art supplies, and scheduling meetings and events. Gonzales loves meeting and connecting with new people through the ministry.

“It’s good to find people who share your interests, and it’s good to take an hour or two during the week to destress,” Gonzales said.

For the co-leader of Life Support, junior Tabitha Joyner, the Festival of Ministries allows ministry leaders to reach out to students and fellow ministry leaders.

“I am not only connecting with students that come to my table, but I also get to connect with other ministry teams and see how I could be of help to them,” Joyner said.

Life Support is a ministry that goes to the Living Alternatives aka the local Pregnancy Resource Center in Kankakee. They organize donations, tab Bibles that are given to every woman who has an appointment there, and pray over all of the rooms in the center.

Additionally, Life Support is involved with Aunt Martha’s, a resource center for pregnant teens. Aunt Martha’s has a support group for teenagers who live in the Kankakee area. Students involved in Life Support get to know the teenagers who attend, play with them, and love them. The ministry supports life, but they are more focused on supporting people who are going through the journey of having a child.

“I have been able to talk with wonderful women who have explained their story to me and how God has blessed them with a child they love. I have a whole new respect for these women that I encounter, and it has blessed me greatly,” Joyner said.

Students appreciated the Festival of Ministries and the opportunity it gave them to discover and get involved in ministries.

“I think it is definitely beneficial for all students and it can be a lot of fun,” said junior Grace McDonough.

Didn’t get a chance to visit the ministry booths in Ludwig? Students can contact ministry leaders through the Life@Olivet app or visit Susan Morril’s office in Upper level Ludwig for information about Olivet ministries. As Dr. Bowling said in his chapel message, “If not now, when?”

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