Internet Outage Hits Campus a Week Before Finals

Last weekend, on December 3rd and 4th, the Olivet students experienced problems with the internet connectivity. Connections were extremely slow, and in some cases, computers and mobile devices were not getting service at all.

For many students, this internet outage was just an inconvenience to loading social media or Netflix over the weekend, but for other students, papers and final preparations could not be turned in. Sophomore nursing major Makenzie Mulback experienced the connectivity issues while she was attempting to turn in a paper due Sunday night.

“I had a paper due at midnight, so I went to turn it in around 11:30. As I tried to load the Turnitin page, it wasn’t responding. It took over a half hour to load, making my paper late,” Mulback said.

The students expected the internet to be fixed by Monday morning, although that was not the case. Junior Karalee White witnessed the scramble that occurred when students realized it still was not repaired.

“I went to the library Monday morning to work on a project, and everyone was just running around like they were insane,” White said. “None of the computers were connecting to the internet and people had to print things out or turn in papers.”

By Tuesday morning, the internet was up and running, much to the relief of the student body. In an email sent to all the students, IT explained a bit about what had happened.

“Intermittent problems began to be reported over the weekend and intensified Monday morning. We identified an issue isolated to one of our two paths to the internet. Once identified, we disconnected from the faulting path and directed all traffic through the remaining good path to minimize any service disruptions…Very early Tuesday morning, we restored connectivity to both service providers, so both internet paths are once again active and functioning normal,” the email said.

Because of the multiple late assignments, most professors were very understanding with the outages, as there was nothing the students could do. They encourage students to not wait until the last minute with projects just in case problems like this should ever happen, but they do understand when the situation is entirely out of the students’ hands.

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