ONU Runs Gift Drive for Teens in Englewood

The Chicago City Life Center, located on the south side of Chicago, is in need of gifts to bless teens this Christmas season. Partnering with MIA, the Center will be holding a gift drive at Olivet. The drive will run from December 4 until December 8, with the gifts being brought up to the center by the team on December 9.

Jacob Gouge, the Communications Director between the center and Olivet, explained how the center reached out to him last year around Christmas and asked for the University’s help. Gouge has worked with the Chicago City Life Center in the past, and he will be leading an MIA trip there this coming spring.

According to their website, the Chicago City Life Center “is a Fellowship of the Assemblies of God that welcomes people from all backgrounds… People can discover their true identity with Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.”

The center hosts multiple outreaches to minister to their community and spread the love of God. Most recently, they conducted a Halloween and Thanksgiving outreach, with a Christmas outreach coming up.

“We decided to start this drive because we wanted to help them out… I’ve worked with them before and I’ve seen the fruit of what they do,” Gouge said.

Last year, the drive only allowed donations to be dropped off in Ludwig, and only three to four boxes were filled. This year, donation boxes will be in every dorm and apartment, and Gouge is hoping for more. As an incentive for students to take part, any dorm or apartment with 75% participation will result in the RD providing a pizza party for the entire building.

“It is an incredible opportunity to invest in a church and community that needs investment,” Gouge said. “To be able to bless these people is an amazing feeing.”

Items that could be donated include: sports equipment, makeup kits, body wash sets, hooded sweatshirts, iTunes gift cards, blow-dryers, jewelry, fingernail polish sets, curling irons, flat irons, perfumes, clock radios, watches, caps with sport logos, and art sets.

The unwrapped donations can be placed in collection boxes located in dorms, apartments, or in Ludwig. All students are encouraged to participate and spread the joy and love of Christ.

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