Enactus Hosts Finance Seminar at Olivet

Enactus hosted their annual, Dave Ramsey sponsored financial seminar event last Thursday in Weber.

Enactus is an entrepreneurial club that works for community improvement. Through the finance seminar, they hoped to do their part in setting students up for financial success by teaching them that loans and incomes aren’t going to be managed for them. They also emphasized the importance of good money stewardship.

To promote the event, members of Enactus rode around in a golf cart, asking students questions related to finance. Every correct answer was rewarded with a dollar.

“I had no idea what I was getting into when I was just offered a ride by a friend in the golf cart who happened to be helping run the cash cab,” freshman Anna Waldron said.

Though the questions were simple, the experience was a fun, creative way to spread the news about the seminar. Waldron was even surprised when she got a few questions wrong early on.

“It made me realize that there some financial facts everyone should know but don’t”, Waldron said.

“Because we are students, there is a good chance that we have student loans. By coming to this event, students were able to learn different ways that will help them pay down the debt as soon as possible,” Enactus President Ben Vertin said.

The main purpose of the event was to show that money grows, whether it is through debt or investment. By learning these certain budgeting principles, Enactus was able to help people learn different aspects of money management.

“By being aware of every transaction you make and by sticking to a budget, you will be able to see areas that you are superfluously spending and get rid of those items, helping save money and improve your financial fitness,” Nicholas Rumke, a leader in Enactus, said.

If you have any questions about the seminar, the club, or just want to get involved and hear more about financial information, contact Ben Vertin at brvertin@olivet.edu or Nicholas Rumke at nprumke@olivet.edu. Enactus meets every Tuesday during chapel hour at 9:30, and all majors are encouraged to come and get involved.

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