Olivet Gamers Live-Stream 24 Hours to Raise Funds

On November 4-5, Senior Joseph Gosnell live-streamed himself and a group of friends playing video games for 24 hours. The event’s purpose was to raise funds for Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

“We raised $675 and some change,” Gosnell said. “Basically, we streamed on Twitch (a video game streaming platform) playing different games for 24 hours. We had a couple of technical difficulties, but other than that, we did not have any issues.”

The event was a part of Extra Life, a gaming platform that supports local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Since their founding in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $30 million for sick and injured kids. In addition, due to their participation, Gosnell and Burch received gift cards from Extra Life that they gave away on their Twitch channel to their supporters of their stream.

“I’ve always been grateful for the children’s hospitals,” Gosnell said. “I had to go to one when I was a kid on vacation because I had a really bad asthma attack, and it was the only hospital that was there. These hospitals are really great and I want to help people do what they do.”

Over the course of the night, Gosnell and his friends played several games, including: Diablo III, Cuphead, Worms Revolution, Battlefield 1, and Furi. There were a couple of technical difficulties that kept them from playing a few other games like Destiny 2. Initially, the group set up in the Oaks apartments treehouse until 11:30 PM. When Gosnell left, the group migrated to senior Ryan Burch’s apartment.

“It was weird,” Burch said. “Overnight, when we thought it would be slowest, we doubled the amount of money we thought we would get. I have a friend who put out a bucket at work to collect donations, and there was over $56 in there. I was trying to come up with incentives to give people a reason to donate. I put on Facebook that if we raised $1000, I would shave my head on the stream. I had friends standing by with ghost peppers, and we were all going to take a bite and let people see us deal with that.”

Gosnell eventually rejoined Burch and they finished out the 24 hours at 8 AM on Sunday morning, November 5.

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