Shine.FM Celebrates 50 Years of Radio Ministry

Celebrating 50 years of ministry in the community, Olivet Nazarene University’s 2017 Homecoming weekend served as an opportunity for both alumni and new students to get a taste of what Shine.FM is doing in the world. On Saturday, October 28, Shine.FM held their 50th anniversary celebration concert, featuring For King & Country.

Photo by Life at Olivet

Brian Utter, the General Manager at Shine, said “to measure the impact over 50 years is impossible.” However, Utter has a way to measure that impact: through lives changed and developed broadcast leaders around the world.

Having the prime seat for seeing relationships and lives changed, Utter recounts a story of a woman who found redemption and the Lord, after hearing Big Daddy Weave’s song, “Redemption,” on the radio. She called in to tell them her story. And thousands of phone calls like this have happened since.

As the voice of the operation, Rob Rodewald, the Director of Creative Services, speaks out on how different Shine has been since it first began. “Coming from turntables and records, and now having digital boards and three broadband networks to cast over, we have come a long way.”

Daneli Rabanalez Hernandez, is a graduate assistant and manager of Shine’s Spanish station, Brilla.FM. Hernandez tells of the Homecoming concert in a way most overlook.

“Working the concert was a challenging honor and joy,” Hernandez said, as she summed up all her work in three words. “From Jenn Hite, who I spent months communicating with, to the tour manager the day of the show, they were all hardworking and incredible to work with.”

Photo by Life at Olivet

Beside the concerts and tours with various artists, Shine has recently helped the hurricane relief effort for those effected by Hurricane Harvey. Collecting donated “Blessing Buckets,” Shine’s community filled a semi-truck with one thousand buckets to send to victims.

Working hand-in-hand with Olivet, Shine offers something most universities don’t offer: a direct link of radio to academia. In the communications department, students are able to work with Shine.FM right away to get firsthand experience with communicating via radio broadcast. Seeing as most freshmen hear of Olivet through Shine, this is a great way for staff like Utter and Rodewald to start growing leaders who go out into the world and use radio as their ministry.

Some of those who are doing work on air include Bekah Eaker, a 2013 graduate of Olivet, who now works in Nashville, and Jason Sharp who is now continuing his work in the radio ministry in Minnesota. Olivet is sending workers right from the campus, and from Shine, the ministry reaches thousands more.

For more information, check out Shine.FM’s website below or find them on Social Media.

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