ROTC Members Design Obstacle Course for Middle School

The Bourbonnais Upper Grade Center’s (BUGC) students were greeted with a surprise when they arrived at their PE class on Monday, October 30. Instead of going outside or playing a sport as usual, they would be put through an obstacle course created by some of Olivet’s ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) members.

Patrick Arlisp, the PE teacher, wanted to change up the curriculum for the day, so he reached out to the ROTC program to design the course. Olivet junior, Weston Callow, was chosen by his leaders to oversee the event.

“I brainstormed over email with Arlisp to see what equipment from our program would help make the course awesome, then we showed up to the school the night before and put together the last portions of the course and designed the course to mirror Arlisp’s vision for it,” Callow said.

Photo courtesy of Weston Callow

Callow reached out to other ROTC members to be involved in helping create and supervise the obstacle course, and four other members accepted: Joel Martin, Tyler Davis, Tyler Wilson, and Rigo Sanchez.

The middle school students enjoyed the obstacle course, as did those that were involved in its creation. Callow was pleasantly surprised by the kids’ enthusiasm.

“I was genuinely surprised at the veracity of the kids. They were really motivated to get moving and crush the course, with a little motivation from my guys of course…It was fun to see the kids go through the course and enjoy the same things that I do,” Callow said.

The other members of the ROTC program enjoyed their time at the middle school and agreed that it was incredible to see the kids participate in such a fashion.

“I would totally do it again,” Callow said. “The PE department at the school was awesome and just a blast to work with, not to mention seeing a 1000 crazy middle-school kids run an obstacle course was reward enough.”

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