‘I felt like I was home’ on Grandparents Day

On Thursday, Oct. 5, students’ grandparents visited Olivet Nazarene University for Grandparents and Prime Time Day. Grandparents had the opportunity to walk around campus, enjoy the beautiful weather with their students, and attend the planned events such as lunch and dinner, accompanied by different music groups.

“It was very nice to see my grandparents, and it was exciting for my grandparents to see how much Olivet has changed over the years. It felt good to spend quality time with them,” senior, Caitlin Fletcher said.

“Grandparents day was great. I got to spend the entire day with my grandparents. We went off campus and also enjoyed an amazing dinner at Olivet. I felt like I was at home, and it was great hearing Doctor Bowling’s speech. It was my first time experiencing the event, and it felt great to get involved and show my grandparents what my school looks like and what I do while I’m here,” Olivet student, Jen Jackman said.

According to many families, the highlight of the night was the performance from the students.

“Performing at the event was such a great experience, and seeing all the grandparents enjoying our performance felt like it was worth all the practices. We performed five songs, and it was my first time performing. My grandparents couldn’t come, but it was definitely worth seeing all the families come together and enjoy a special night as one big Olivet family,” student Shemara Finges said.

Students agreed that it was the best way to start fall break, and their grandparents can’t wait for Grandparents Day next year.

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