Speaker Returns for Fourth School Revival

This September, Olivet Nazarene University welcomed Dr. J.K. Warrick to speak at his fourth revival service for the school.

Warrick has done multiple revivals across the country. He has preached in 80 countries, including India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. His preaching has been influential to people everywhere, including at Olivet.

“It is always an honor to speak anywhere,” Warrick said. “The student body [at Olivet] is so respectful here.”

Warrick started preaching when he was only sixteen years old. He began preaching in high school and continued in college.

“I believe God called me to do this,” Warrick said. “It was chosen for me and I said, yes.”

Ever since that time, Warrick has been faithful to the Church of the Nazarene. He has served as a pastor for 38 years and spent 12 years as the General Superintendent for the church. Most of Warrick’s life has been dedicated to the church.

Warrick has enjoyed being a pastor because he loves seeing people mature in their faith. He likes the ability to work together with the same people week after week, and finds that to be a very rewarding thing.

“Dr. Warrick came across as very warm,” Jimmy Southerland, senior class chaplain, said. “It felt like he belonged.”

Warrick may have felt welcome by the community at Olivet, but they felt welcomed by him, too. He successfully packed out College Church at night which proved how much of an impact his preaching was.

Rev. Mark Holcomb, Chaplain at ONU, also enjoyed listening to his preaching. Rev. Holcomb especially enjoys his storytelling and the fact that he teaches Scripture.

“He makes Scripture easy to understand,” Rev. Holcomb said. “He is a really good communicator.”

“One service that hit me the hardest is the sermon about how you are called to be extraordinary,” Southerland said. Southerland firmly believes that God can utilize people to be extraordinary.

“I liked how Warrick said we can love God as much as we like the least of these.” Chad Radford, executive officer of spiritual life, said. “Overall, I was inspired to continue preaching a message of love: a love that protects and cares for people in the utmost ways.”

Warrick absolutely loves the community of Olivet, and he maintains a very close relationship with the university and College Church. When he is at Olivet, he also has opportunities to meet up with former students and friends. Being at Olivet has always been a real pleasure for him.

“Most of the major decisions we make in the first half of our lives will be made on a college campus,” Warrick said. This is why Warrick enjoys preaching to students despite its challenges. “I enjoy the spontaneity of a college campus community. I appreciate the honesty and openness of students.”

He believes that college is a great time to make life decisions, and he knows that these decisions in college have a great impact on the rest of the students’ lives.

“The student body inspires me,” Warrick said. “They really commit and are tenacious.” He has noticed the rich amount of passion that students have for the things of God. Olivet is proud to be comprised of students that desire to live a life of significance.

Photo by Morgan Byers

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