Coming Soon, Scatter Global Event Integrates Career and Ministry

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On November 2, at 7:00 P.M. in Weber Leadership Center, Scatter author, Andrew Scott, is coming to campus to present and speak on his book. Scott is also President and CEO of Operation Mobilization, a global missions organization. Apart from discussing his book, Scott will be addressing the jobs and internship possibilities for students available in every profession, anywhere in the world, made possible by Scatter Global.

“It’s important for students to attend this event so they can see what jobs and ministry opportunities are available,” event host, Christian Henock-Berhanu, said.

Scott envisions a new type of mission field where every Christian, in every line of work, spreads ministry through whatever career he or she chooses. Scott’s goal for Scatter Global is to have ministry extending God’s reach into every marketplace in every part of the world. It’s mission says, “We are mobilizing Jesus followers from many professions to intentionally pursue their vocation in the least-reached marketplaces in the world.”

All 140 areas of study offered at Olivet, from Accounting to Zoology, establish students with a platform for ministry.

“Scatter is placing internships and jobs in unreached parts of the world,” Marketing professor, Chris Perez said. Welcoming all students, posts sign-ups for jobs, community connections, and internships with positions available around the globe. Students can make a difference for the Kingdom wherever in the world they feel called to travel while excelling in any career they choose. According to Operation Mobilization, “being a missionary is no longer just for missionaries.”

“In every country, they will help you find a job where people need to know God because they aren’t exposed to that,” event host, Joelle White said.

The goal is to send Christ followers anywhere they would like, working in whatever calling they are led to, and to integrate ministry into that. RSVP now to attend the event happening November 2nd at 7:00 P.M. in the Weber Leadership Center. Also, stay tuned to Shine.FM. While Scott is on campus, he will be airing on Shine radio station in a captivating live podcast. You can RSVP now by emailing or

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