PRSSA Raises Funds for Chapter Awareness

The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) hosted their first fundraiser of the year this past weekend at Cornerstone Church in Manteno. This year’s fundraiser took the form of a garage sale.

The primary goal of having the garage sale was to reach out to the community and to raise awareness about Olivet’s relatively new PRSSA club.

“The purpose of the garage sale is family focused. We want to become more invested and involved in the community this year. We will be having arts and crafts and the garage sale. We are also trying to raise funds for our chapter, and it will also help support those who will be attending the National Conference this year, “ PRSSA President Jessie Kilbride said.

The National Conference is a nationwide event held every year for PRSSA chapters all across the country. In 2015, it was held in Atlanta; 2016 in Indianapolis, and this coming fall, in Boston.

“It allows young professionals to network with other young professionals as well as meet and network with professionals in the PR profession,” PRSSA member Kate Cox said. The conference presents awards for the best PR campaigns, and programs or chapters can compete and apply for a many things. Many companies and schools go there looking for people to hire in or bring on as interns, and these schools are there to offer up programs to advance and further education.

Many who are involved in PRSSA contributed to this fundraiser. Multiple families made appearances at the garage sale, and kids were able to work on arts and crafts with Olivet’s PRSSA students.

“The first day of the garage sale went very well; we had quite a lot of people. We are hoping to get more parents and families involved on Saturday. There are a lot of soccer games and we will be able to reach out to the families,” PRSSA Vice President of Fundraising Anna Richards said.

For more information on how to get involved in PRSSA, email Jessie Kilbride, Kate Cox, or Anna Richards.

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