Youth for Christ Garage Sale Raises Money for Teens

Raising $1,300 in the first day alone, Cornerstone Church in Manteno held their fourth annual garage sale for Youth for Christ last weekend. Youth for Christ is a non-profit organization led by Pastor John Hines.

“The main purpose of Youth for Christ is to bring kids to the Lord,” said garage sale coordinator Leanne Shelley.

Youth for Christ meets weekly for “campus life” at the Manteno High School. The YFC leaders host fun events for their teens; in addition, they plan two yearly trips for the students. All the money from the garage sale goes to help teens who otherwise could not afford to attend these trips. Altogether, this year they raised $1823 in two days.

The help from Leanne Shelley (Community Support Team Leader), Mary Schweigert, Tracy Andrate, and many other members of the Cornerstone Church’s congregation all made this possible. Generous individuals from the community donated money and provided their belongings for the Youth for Christ garage sale.

Photo by: Katherine White

“Everybody that came here and knew what it was for felt blessed just being here, being able to do something that would help spread the gospel in the community,” volunteer Schweigert said, sharing how she saw God working through this event.

The event was heralded as a success, with sunny weather both days. “The Manteno high school and junior high kids that stopped in felt like it was a piece of them in God’s story helping support other kids,” Schweigert said.

Cornerstone Church pastor John Hines is now even more excited about the ability to bring more teens to the Lord through fun events and yearly trips because of annual events like the garage sale.

As an Olivet student, you can also get involved in Youth for Christ. YFC teams are split up and held in multiple elementary, junior high, and high schools around the Bourbonnais, Kankakee, and Manteno communities. College students can participate in after school tutoring or mentoring for students in the Youth for Christ program. To get more information or sign up for an Olivet Youth for Christ program, email

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