Life Support sponsors diaper drive

A Diaper Drive was held in Ludwig’s lobby on April 18-20 during meal times.  Donations went to Aunt Martha’s: an organization that assists pregnant teenagers in Kankakee county.  This event was being sponsored by Olivet’s Life Support ministry.

“I think it would be wonderful for people to donate diapers to this organization.  Every time we see a need, we have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  By supporting this organization, we can tangibly help these young women, who are in need of help such as this.  It’s a blessing to give, more so than ever to receive,” junior Monica Lewis said.

Teen parents and their children are often considered to be at risk in  many aspects of l life including health, development, and self-sufficiency.  Aunt Martha’s supports teen moms by assisting them with caring for their babies through the Healthy Start program.  These services are located at several of the Aunt Martha’s women’s health centers. The Healthy Start program’s services begin before the baby is born..  Home visitors will help the mom plan for her and her baby’s future.  Additionally, they will help the mom understand child developmental stage  and   will offer   support for the challenges of raising a child. .

“I think teen moms can face several challenges.  First, they have a lot of decisions to make.  If they have indeed chosen to keep the baby and not give them up for adoption, they now have to figure out how they will support their child,” Lewis said. “Who will watch their baby while they are at school?  Will they be able to stay in school, assuming they are not too behind after having the baby?  Where will the extra money come from, now that they need to support another person?  With the food, clothing, and other supplies needed to care for this baby, where will the finances come in?  Hopefully, their parents are supportive and able to help both with time, love, and more resources.  Furthermore, depending on the baby’s father, the teen mom may be raising this child as the only parental figure.  Hopefully, the church body can surround the family and teen mom with support, and help organizations like this one.”

Aunt Martha’s provides an integrated approach to health care, and offers primary, dental, mental, and women’s health care in addition to HIV and STD services. This allows patients to be connected to resources in the community.

If interested in learning more about Aunt Martha’s,visit their website or contact members of Life Support.


— Jennifer Doran, Staff Writer

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