ASC elected for 2017-18 school year

The results for next year’s Associated Student Council (ASC) have been officially announced.  The incoming sophomore, junior, and senior classes have all chosen a class council who they feel will best represent them in the coming semester.

The sophomore class elected Anna Richards as their president, with Aaron Steele serving as the chaplain and Westin Edwards, Ashleigh Godby, Sara Richards, Anna Town, and Vinnie Vinolus as representatives.

For the junior class, Jenna George will serve as president and Hannah Jones will be chaplain. Their class representatives are Michael Grimm, Samantha Kirstein, Samantha Lopez, Landon Martin, and Matt Neal.

The senior class president is Jessica Grimmett, with Jimmy Southerland as class chaplain. The senior class representatives are Micah Forshee, Katy Shaw, Sarah Struck, and Cameron Walker.

ASC duties mainly involve planning campus events for their own class, as well as the school at large.

Also chosen were the school’s executive officers—students who assist with administration.

Next year’s executive officers are Katie Obi Obasi (Aurora editor), Shannon Jirik (GlimmerGlass editor), Rachel Grimmett, Daniel Kuruvilla and Sarah Ritter (Events & Programming), and Ben Vertin (Finance), Taylor Dawson (Graphic Design), Sarai Guerrero (Social Media), Austen Marshall and Chad Radford (Tommy Lambrecht), and Rachel Schramm (Student Relations).

Tommy Lambrecht will succeed Kaleb Miller as the Student Body President.

“I’m hoping to first represent our class well and get to know individuals more so I can serve everyone better”, Jones said, “as well as foster a community that desires spiritual growth. I really want to give opportunities to worship and learn together as the junior class!”


— Laura Bechtel, Staff Writer
Photo Courtesy of Kaleb Miller, Outgoing ASC Student Body President

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