Olivet hosts blood drive

Olivet’s nursing students as a part of the Nursing Student Association (NSA) hosted a blood drive on Wednesday, April 5, in Chalfant Hall.

“The NSA organized a blood drive through the American Red Cross and it was a huge success with thanks to those who donated. The blood drive was of great service to those in need of it and the NSA was proud to host it at Olivet,” Clarissa Cano, a nursing student involved in the NSA on Olivet’s campus, said.

Students were able to sign up for the blood drive the previous week, which gave students the opportunity to walk over to Chalfant and give up a bit of their time to donate. The event was open to community members, alumni, and students.

The organized event at the campus gave students the opportunity to both learn more information about the process of donating blood as well as become donors for those who have been on waiting lists for donations of blood.

Cano said that a 2014 Olivet graduate attended the organized event to donate and that the American Red Cross had reached out to her to tell her that Olivet was hosting the event.

“Students are always looking to give back and I believe that the blood drive goes along with the Christian ethics of Olivet because it’s of service to others and it is instilled that we are brothers and sisters through Christ,” Cano said. “To help others in a time of need is an important Christian value of Olivet.”

The American Red Cross states that the universal donor in donating blood is Type O and the universal recipient is Type AB. In hosting a blood drive on the university’s campus, students hold the potential to give blood to those who are able to receive any type of blood from their donors.

It is commonly estimated that those in car accidents alone, may need large donations of blood from donors, which gives donors such as those who attended the Olivet NSA blood drive the potential to save those in similar situations.

“This blood drive was of great service to those in need of it and the NSA was proud to host one at Olivet,” Cano said.


— Hannah Craig, Staff Writer and Morgan Byers, Photographer

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