Larson Breaks Rose in March 25 Showdown

Saturday March 25 is a day that ONU basketball will remember.

New York Knicks point guard, Derrick Rose, was injured by former ONU star, Aaron Larson.

According to Larson, March 25 started as a normal day. He was going to the Birchard Arena around 2 pm to get some exercise in and play a few games of pickup basketball. Former Olivet teammate Alex Thorson made a phone call to Rose, a former Chicago Bull and Chicago native, to come play.

Rose and Larson ended up playing on opposite teams when the competition amped up.

“We started talking, and he claimed he could dunk on me,” Larson said. “I said that I could dunk on him.”

On a fast break, Rose pushed the ball towards the basket, but Larson got in his way. Rose went up for the dunk anyway, but was blocked by Larson. Larson gathered the rebound and bounded down the court.

Rose prepared to defend; however, Larson threw down a vicious dunk, knocking Rose on his back.

“It was unreal,” senior Abe Barwegen said. “Absolutely unreal.”

“When Aaron rose up and dunked it, I jumped up and shouted” Athletic Director Gary Newsome, who happened to witness the whole sequence, said.  “It was just amazing. But then you heard that distinct cracking noise when Derrick hit the ground.”

Rose had fractured his back in the land and was rushed to Riverside Hospital

Rose is expected to recover and will miss the remainder of the NBA regular season and, possibly, some of the following season.


— Sam Nichols, Urban Sports Legend


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