Put Your Best Fork Forward

March is National Nutrition Month and ONU’s Student Dietetic Association (SDA) is taking advantage of this opportunity to speak out about the benefits and downfalls of nutrition in college.

SDA held a booth in Ludwig on March 17 and on Friday, March 24 to help students learn about the importance of nutrition.

“Corn is a vegetable AND a grain,” Junior dietetics major Victoria Lilly stated to a group of students.

This is only one, of the many facts, about nutrition that you can learn about at this booth. SDA members will be offering different nutrition fact handouts, chocolate covered bananas with peanut butter, free giveaways, and a game in which students can enter to win a $20 Kroger gift card.

Lilly and Rachel Fosdal, another junior dietetics major, are all in for raising awareness for National Nutrition Month.

“I think that a lot of times [students] are unaware of nutrition as a whole; we can use this whole month to have a platform to educate them,” Lilly said.

By engaging in conversations about the importance of nutrition, Lilly and Fosdal are hoping to open doors to conversations between students on campus about what they can do to place priority on nutrition in their lives.

“College years are formative, so the healthy habits you form in these years are key for the rest of your life,” Fosdal said.

During their time at the booth, they urged passing students to stop and learn more about the role nutrition plays in their lives.

For more information about National Nutrition month, students can either contact members of the Student Dietetic Association or go to eatright.org for statistics.


— Kyla Bledsoe, Staff Writer and Kayla Young, Photographer

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