The purpose for revival

I am an emotional person – the right music, the right mood and the right words can make me feel anything.

Revival is a wonderful time to refocus ourselves on God, but it often emphasizes a response in the moment. We frequently formulate our response based on feelings. It can be difficult to discern what is the Holy Spirit and what is thoughts passing through our minds. We need to develop a system, a test, to separate what is from God and what is not.

One thing I do a lot is sleep on an idea. Many thoughts will go away in a few days. If I am unsure if God is trying to tell me something, I will pray, “If this is You, do not let me forget.” Sometimes the thought returns and sometimes it does not.

Another test is to talk to others about my idea. If they affirm what I am thinking, then I am more nearly sure that it is from God. However, if I get strange looks and skepticism, I try to see what could be wrong with my thoughts. I do this with more than one person.

We also need to recognize that not every moment of our lives will be full of positive emotions. Sustainable spiritual growth relies on the means of grace-Bible reading, church attendance, and the sacraments-not emotional highs. Much of the Christian life is maintaining a good relationship with God. It requires exposing ourselves to good things and trusting God to work in us.

Revival is a tool to regulate our walk with God, but regular practices are what maintain growth.


–Grace Pelley

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