Olivet students swipe right on dating apps

Maybe this Valentine’s Day had you swiping left on love, or maybe you’ve found your perfect match. Either way humans are fascinated with relationships and Olivet is no exception.

With the rise of couples meeting online it’s no wonder that ‘there’s an app for that.’ From Tinder to Bumble, even students at ONU are catching the dating app buzz.

Even Mr. ONU, AJ Kallas, has hopped on board as a frequent user of J-Swipe and Tinder.

“I typically use Tinder to try out my latest jokes,” said Kallas. “They usually don’t go over to well – But honestly, if you don’t have a sense of humor why bother?”

J-Swipe is Tinder for the Jewish community. Many dating sites are seeking to become more niche in order to attract a specific base, from FarmersOnly.com to sites for singles over 60.

According to Business Insider, apps like OkCupid, Happn, and Tinder still rank higher than their more selective counterparts.

“My friend told me to go ahead and try a few to get a feel because you seem to meet more people that way than you do in reality,” senior Emily Bahr said. “A lot of people on campus will pop up on the apps mostly because we are social creatures.”

Some may question if love really start from a picture of someone’s dog and a bio line, but many apps are looking to give you the best snapshot of the person they can. Tinder now allows users to link to an Instagram, add a featured music artist, and share a temporary picture like a Snapchat story with your matches.

Users can add their own bios that say anything from ‘Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer,” to “Fun fact: a single cannoli is legit a cannolo. #themoreyouknow.”

Kallas’ own bio line is tongue and cheek. He writes, “Not looking for anything serious. Just trying to find a wife.”

“The girls on Tinder don’t take my comedy very serious, it can be very frustrating,” said Kallas. “Too many people are so concerned with dating and meeting someone special.”

These apps that are usually based off of location, and mutual attraction are usually associated with hooking up, but those here at Olivet usually have a much different experience.

Recent evidence according to Inside Higher Ed says that these apps are being used more often for people to make friends, rather than find hookups. On college campuses, when students are in new environments, they are hoping to connect with those who can show them around and share similar interest more than they are looking a one-night stand.

“Most people usually are looking for someone to show interest on a deeper level,” said Bahr. “Yes, there are many associations of hooking up with these apps, but I know a few relationships of friends that have blossomed without hooking up. Real feelings have grown. You have to look for good characters because some are looking just for a good time that is not Olivet appropriate.”

“Apps are fun, but I’d definitely rather take it by chance and let God intervene in my life by happenstance meeting outside of apps.”


-Erica Browning, Features Editor

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