College Night at the Exploration Station

On Feb. 20, starting at 5p.m., the Exploration Station in Bourbonnais will hold a College Night for Olivet students in order to increase awareness about the museum and to allow students to explore the many volunteer opportunities available.

The Exploration Station, a children’s museum in Bourbonnais, “is a place for hands-on discovery, creative play, and exploration,” Brittaney Beck, the General Manager of the museum said.

“We pride ourselves on open-ended dramatic play and free exploration for children and their parents/caregivers. 99% of our museum is hands-on interaction, so children get more freedom to explore.”

Just this past year, the Exploration Station has become a client of Olivet’s Inspired Strategies Agency.  The children’s museum is looking for volunteers around the area and, with the help of the Agency, has decided to host a College Night—open to any student who wishes to attend.

Professor Liz Kerns, the advisor of Inspired Strategies Agency, greatly encourages the student body to attend College Night in order to learn how to make a difference in the Bourbonnais community.  Kerns said her Twitter bio says it all: “Leave your community a better place than when you found it.”

The purpose for this night is to introduce students to opportunities where they can get involved as often as they want.  The museum will be open for college students for two hours, allowing them to explore, learn, and become aware of the volunteer opportunities available while getting to play around themselves.

Kerns believes students can spread the Gospel locally and that they do not have to travel to far away countries to do so.

“We show God’s love through our actions,” Kerns said.

Volunteering when there is a need is a form of ministry and this organization is extremely grateful for Olivet’s interest in their success.

As a mother who has a membership to the Exploration Station, Kerns said that the museum is “a safe place for kids to dream and pretend and just be children. I hope that the Olivet community will come out to learn about these opportunities to get involved in an incredible, interactive organization.”


–Abriella Caravette, Staff Writer

Photo Credit – Dustin Vail

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