Spring Revival Speaker Ready for Action

Former ONU student Tara Beth Leach is speaking at Olivet’s Winter Revival this week.

“I’m honored, terrified, excited, and thrilled to be ONU’s Revival preacher. I never would have dreamed I’d be doing this when I was a student at ONU. We will have a blast!” Leach said.

Leach has been teaching since 2000 and in full time ministry since 2004.  She has served in Upstate New York, Oak Brook, IL, and Naperville, IL.  Currently, she lives in a small town in the suburbs of Los Angeles with her husband and two sons.

The Senior Pastor at Pasadena First Church of the Nazarene, Leach will be one of the first female revival speakers for Olivet.

“It is very exciting to hear [Leach] is coming to speak because I know many denominations do not allow women to become pastors.  The opportunity to hear her speak to the University will give many future female ministry students encouragement to follow the call into ministry,” Sarah Hogenson, a freshman ministry student said

Leach will be speaking on what it means to be a covenant community and how to be kingdom people in 2017.  Although it may seem confusing now, Leach assures us that “those clunky church words mean something to us today!”

Leach gave her life to God when she was sixteen years old.  She read through the whole of the Old Testament and, soon after, the Gospel of Luke. “It was a profound and sacred experience while I was alone in my bedroom.  I had a similar experience a few months later when I was called into ministry,” Leach explained. “Some of my story will come out in the revival services, so join in to hear more!”

“This is why I write, this is why I teach, this is why I blog. I am in love with the church.  If I can just be one encourager that uses my voice – through the Spirit – to edify the body of Christ, I will do it until the day I die,” she says in her online biography.

Revival services are being held College Church.


— Abriella Cavarette

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