Mr. ONU – Who are they?

The annual Mr. ONU competition is this Friday at 7:30pm in Chalfant Hall. The participants have campaigned in an effort to be voted this year’s Mr. ONU. The following are their reasons why they believe they should be crowned –

Name: Westin Edwards

Class: Freshman

Major: Public Relations & Strategic Communication and Multimedia Communication.

Why he should be Mr. ONU: “Well I’ve been saying my entire campaign for Mr. ONU: I need to win Mr. ONU because I took a Gap Year. Who else in this competition has had the experience of auctioning off paintings at a Rwandan fundraiser, or pooping on Mount Kilimanjaro, or getting shingles from putting on non-sterile motorcycle helmets? The answer is no one! No one in the competition has been through those experiences except I! So I think the evidence speaks for itself on who is the most fit to be Mr. ONU…”



Name: John Lewis

Class: Freshman

Major: Elementary Education

Why he should be Mr. ONU: “My passion for kids has become a huge part of who I am. I suppose on top of being great with kids, being incredibly handsome, clever, humorous, and athletic (albeit ignorant when it comes to most sports), I deserve the title of Mr. ONU because I am deeply invested in the atmosphere, people, and spirit of Olivet!”



Name: Zachary Tamez

Class: Sophomore

Major: Athletic Training

Why he should be Mr. ONU: “Well. Why not?”



Name: Drew Davis

Class: Sophomore

Major: Architectural Engineering

Why he should be Mr. ONU: I feel as that I should be Mr. ONU because I love more than anything in the world to see other people laugh and smile.  If I can make someone smile or laugh because of something dumb I have done, then it was totally worth it.  You never really no what  person is going through and that one time they may smile could be the one smile in their day and that is what I live for.



Name: AJ Kallas

Class: Junior

Major: Communication Studies, Philosophy and Religion

Why he should be Mr. ONU: I should be Mr. ONU because I’m nothing like Jack White. He hates dogs. 




Name: Jack White

Class: Junior

Major: English

Why he should be Mr. ONU: I should be Mr. ONU because I’m nothing like AJ Kallas. He hates friendship.




Name: Paul DaSilva

Class: Senior

Major: Marketing

Why he should be Mr. ONU: I should be Mr. ONU because of the physical and emotional toll of eating 12 mints a day. Thanks dad



Name: Christian Wizieck

Class: Senior

Major: Social Work

Why he should be Mr. ONU: I would love to be chosen as Mr. ONU because I love this place, and I would love to represent Olivet. However any of the men involved are more than qualified.


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