Mini-Ministry Fair Recap

Olivet offers two types of ministries for students to get involved in. The first, in-reach ministries, are ministries that target students at Olivet. Outreach ministries, the second type, serve people outside of Olivet.

This past week, Olivet held a mini-ministry fair where students were able to get a glimpse in to a few of the ministry options available.

Best Buddies: Best Buddies seeks to create one-on-one friendships with students and adults with developmental disabilities, furthering the social inclusion movement for people with disabilities.

Compassionate Ministries: A “fill-in-the-gap” ministry, Compassionate Ministries helps in areas where they see needs that are different from all the other outreach ministries, and seek to build relationships with the community outside of Olivet.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA): FCA is a ministry mainly targeted at athletes, but anyone can join. It is a time of playing sports and games, as well as worshipping and joining in fellowship with other students.

Fight for Truth: Fight for Truth is a ministry that seeks to help those who struggle with pornography by forming accountability groups in addition to spreading awareness about sex trafficking.  Their mission is to speak truth into people’s lives.

Habitat for Humanity: Habitat for Humanity is a ministry where people can use their physical strength by doing construction work for people in need.

HeArt: While also doing work in the community, HeArt is a ministry where people can be artistic while spending time with the Lord. People can be artistic even though they may not be talented at it, as HeArt emphasizes the fact that God is the artist and creator of everything.

Heart for Missions: Heart for Missions is a ministry dedicated to praying for people around the world in the mission field, as a way to gather together and encourage their brothers and sisters in Christ.

Life Support: Life Support is a ministry that volunteers at the pregnancy resource center in Kankakee by doing simple chores like taking care of babies and cleaning. They seek to help young moms and give support to women who struggle with unwanted pregnancies.

Mission Possible: Every day, through Mission Possible, different groups of people travel to the Jerome Combs Detention Center to visit the inmates and build relationships with them.

Prayer Warriors: Prayer Warriors is a ministry focused on prayer for the community.

Save Our Streets: Twice a week, Save Our Streets goes to the local homeless shelter in Kankakee in an effort to build relationships. Occasionally, the group will travel to Chicago to build relations there as well.


— Shannon Vandebunte, Staff Writer

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