Spoons4Forks Team Holds Auditions

Olivet’s Spoons4Forks comedy team is on the lookout for new talent.

This Sunday, Jan. 22, the improv troupe will be hosting auditions at 4:00 PM in Wisner Hall auditorium. Auditions are held twice a year, meaning this will be the only time to try out for the team during the Spring semester. Auditions are open to any student, with or without past theater or improv experience. No materials or preparation is required.

Led by Junior club-president David Spear, Spoons4Forks currently has ten members. The troupe specializes in extemporaneous, on-the-spot comedy and hosts shows on a month-to-month basis.

For those unfamiliar with how participating on this team might look, Spear tells us that they meet Wednesday and Thursday nights for practice from 9-10:30. These practices are laid back and fun, giving the members an opportunity to practice humorous improv games that they will use in future shows. The time together allows the team to practice and strengthen improvisational skills in preparation for a performance.

Spear encourages students to take a risk and try out even if it’s something you’ve never done before. He promises that it will be fun and well worth your time.

“Having time in my week that is specifically designated to just be silly. Its rare at school to have a chance to just be weird and to let loose a little it and not care what anybody thinks,” Spear said. “When you’re at practice, when you’re doing a show, it doesn’t matter, and that’s really freeing.”

The current members are also grateful for the built-in friend group that it has brought their way. If accepted to Spoons4Forks, you will have not just a team, but a family.

Spoons4Forks performs in Wisner Hall while at Olivet; however, Spear organizes gigs outside of Olivet as well. They work closely with churches in the Midwest and have been known to do shows in Bourbonnais-Kankakee community as well as in Chicago and Detroit.

If you are interested in attending a show, you can find the members selling tickets in the lobby of Ludwig during meal hours.


— Shannon Jirik, News Editor

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