Grand residents ‘lucky’ after apartment fire

A fire in Grand Apartments this morning led to students running late to finals and standing in the cold.

Residents of Grand Apartments 441 and 443 were evacuated Wednesday, Dec. 14, as smoke filled the rooms of the two buildings. The fire, which started around 9 a.m., was contained to Grand Apartment building 441, apartment 10.

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According to the Bourbonnais Fire Department, the fire started in the air conditioner on the third floor of building 441. It started in the wall, causing smoke to build up before the fire was detected. The apartment below, apartment 6, has some water damage, the fire chief said.

Resident of apartment 10, senior Melissa Crivokapich was alone in her apartment when she walked into her living room to find it filled with smoke. After covering her face with a blanket, Crivokapich ran to find her resident assistant who contacted authorities. Crivokapich said when the fire department arrived, they hosed down the living room.

“I feel lucky. It could have been a whole lot worse. God is still good,” said Kennedy Gladding, Resident Assistant of Grand Apartment 441.

Two students were checked by an ambulance for smoke inhalation, but refused to be transported to the hospital. Grand Apartment 441, apartments 6 and 10 will be uninhabitable for the remainder of the semester.

Grace King, Executive Editor

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  1. So are the young adults going to be able to wash their clothes free of charge so they don’t smell like smoke? Also are inspections going to happen with the rest of the apartments electrical to make sure the building is safe to live in? I pray the school takes these measures to keep my child safe!

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