‘Love Your Melon’ launches at Olivet

Students at Olivet have found a new way to cap their melons in a rather effective, not to mention stylish, manner. The level II nursing class has founded a new club on campus, in partnership with the nation-wide program, Love Your Melon (LYM).

The group launched itself at Olivet after junior Katie Saunders’ application was accepted by the organization.

“We learned about it from our [National Nursing Association] representative. She reached out to us about starting LYM on Olivet. Several of us applied, and my application just happened to be the one that got accepted,” Saunders said.

The National Nursing Association (NSA) is currently sponsoring the group, which gives them certain abilities on campus until they are allowed to be sponsored by the university itself. This sponsorship allows the club some basic abilities, such as setting up a table in Ludwig.

Love Your Melon is an apparel brand dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer in America as well as supporting nonprofit organizations who lead the fight against pediatric cancer, per the company website, www.loveyourmelon.com. They give 50 percent of their profit to research for pediatric cancer.

This was a welcome idea to Saunders, after she witnessed the horrors when a close family friends lost their daughter to brain cancer.

“I was looking for some way to help, and when LYM was brought up, I jumped at the chance,” Saunders said.

Currently, the group is entirely made up of junior nursing majors. There are a total of 13 regulars, and LYM only allows a maximum of 20 members at this point in development.

“We all know each other and that just makes it easier,” Sarah White said. The club hopes to open it up to students of all ages and members by next year, once they gain a foothold on campus.

The group’s main responsibilities at this point are to advertise the website and goals of the company around ONU’s campus. When customers purchase hats or other items, they enter a code that gives credit to the specific campus. These purchases translate into points for the club, which allows them to advance to different stages. The most looked forward to stage is when the company sends a name of a child in a hospital, and the crew gets to deliver a hat.

“That’s our goal right now, be able to go and give a hat to someone who is suffering, and be a blessing to them and their family,” vice captain Jessica Hemmer said. LYM sends a specific name, as well as super hero costumes for the crew, and they spend the day in the hospital.

“If we can make even a small dent in pediatric cancer, it will be worth it,” White said.

Currently, the group has sold about 75 hats to ONU students, around 30 away from the hospital visit stage.

Visit https://www.loveyourmelon.com/collections/all, to make a purchase to support research for pediatric cancer.

Connor Pestka, Online Editor

Connor Pestka
Connor Pestka

Connor has been with the GlimmerGlass for 2 years, and currently serves as the Online Editor. He is a double major in Multimedia Studies and Corporate Communication, as well as a Business minor.

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