Over 150 students participate in nursing association blood drive

Giving blood is like voting, according to sophomore Katie Harnisch.

“It’s like a civil duty,” Harnisch said. “Everyone that can give blood should because it’s very needed …  it’s an honor that I got to save somebody and it’s an honor that I was even allowed to do it.”

At The Nursing Student Association’s blood drive in Birchard Gymnasium, 155 Olivet students gave 130 units of blood. In conjunction with the American Red Cross (ARC), the event is held once a semester.

“I work alongside an executive council and representatives from each nursing class,” said Kati Agan, Nursing Student Association President. “We put on the blood drive that reaches the whole Olivet community and then we have events specific to the nursing department students.”

The event is made possible by the NSA club sponsor Dr. Yvette Rose publicizing it and local pizza shops supplying food for the event, senior nursing student Grace Amponsah-Ayewa said.

Amponsah-Ayewa has been a part of the drive for as long as she has been a nursing student. Now a level five representative, she has been a part of NSA since level one of the nursing program. For Amponsah-Ayewa and other nursing students, the event doubles as charity and a learning experience.

“Every year I wish I was able to practice my ‘vein stick’ techniques but the legalities get in the way and invasive procedures are left to those who are part of ARC,” Amponsah-Ayewa said

Amponsah-Ayewa is graduating in May and will not be participating in the spring blood drive.

“This semester is my last semester participating in the NSA blood drive,” she said. “As bittersweet as it was I would not have wanted to end it any other way.”


— Alyssa Franklin, Staff Writer

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