CarShare helps the car-less

For $7 an hour, Olivet students without a car can have a set-of-wheels.

In August, Olivet joined the  Enterprise CarShare program. Enterprise created the program for members to use a car for a few hours at a time. Anyone with a valid driver’s license and a credit or debit card are able to use an Enterprise CarShare vehicle.

Olivet students can become members as well. The recommended plan for students is “Keep it Simple.” It allows students to travel up to 200 miles in a day and includes a credit card for fuel, insurance for physical damage and 24/7 member services and roadside assistance.

Students can apply for membership at by selecting Olivet from the universities page on the site. The vehicle on campus is for student and faculty use only.

After filling out the application, students will receive a membership card in their campus mailbox. To keep the car available to all Olivet members, you must reserve a time slot and bring the car back before the time slot ends or pay an overtime fee. However, if you know that you will be going over your reserved time and you have more than 30 minutes left in your time slot, you can add more time to your reservation without an additional fee.

Once you have the card, you will be able to access Olivet’s on-campus car, a white Nissan Rogue. You press the card to the window of the car and it will unlock itself. On the inside you will find the keys in the glove box and the credit card for fuel. Enterprise requests that members fill up the tank if it is down to its last quarter of fuel.

Craig Manes, Associate Director of Admissions for Church Relations, thinks the car represents a great opportunity for new students. “Students who don’t have a car, or who want to sell their car and make some money, don’t want the insurance payment, or are looking for some flexible transportation, this Enterprise CarShare program is a great opportunity for them,” Manes said.

The Enterprise car on campus is already being used by students. Primarily, it is being utilized by the Preaching Ambassadors program, a traveling ministry program which allows ministry students to preach at churches. The students use the car to travel to and from the churches they are serving. In addition, the ministry pays for the car whenever its students are using it.

“The program is far more cost effective than renting a car for a full day,” junior preaching ambassador Matt Meldrum said.


Sam Nichols, Staff Writer

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