“The Best Team There Ever Was”

“This is the best team there ever was,” captain of Spoons 4 Forks junior David Spear said after their first show on Sept. 23.

The student-led improvisation team kicked off its first production in Wisner Auditorium to a full house. The group combines funny scenarios and quick wit to bring entertainment to the audience. The team holds performances once a month on Friday nights.

The team is especially excited for this year, because of their fluidity together.

“I think we have more cohesion than previous members, both on the stage and off the stage,” senior Mathew Blackwell said.

The team works hard to back up this claim, holding practices twice a week to refine their skills. Spoons 4 Forks prepares what games they will play for the next performances and which members will participate. These games require the audience to shout out prompts or scenarios, which the members will then act out.

All of the work and nerves that go into this production is well worth it to the member of Spoons 4 Forks, Blackwell said. “They are coming to our show with the expectation to laugh…we try really hard, practicing fundamentals. It’s really rewarding,” he said.

The team works hard to deliver laughs to the audience, but as an improve group, they admit their humor can be hit or miss. Despite this, Spoons 4 Forks has become quite a favorite here on campus.

Photo by Tom Salsgiver

“I’ve been to their shows before and I can honestly say that they never disappoint. Both times, it was hilarious and it was a great time to laugh and hang out with friends,” sophomore Zach Simmonds said.

Spoons 4 Forks tries really hard to incorporate their audience. Throughout the night, the audience will constantly be shouting out prompt ideas.

“[I] loved seeing how much fun [the Spoon 4 Forks improvisationists] were having doing the games,” Simmonds said.

Spoons 4 Forks just recently held auditions for those interested in becoming new actors. Twenty students showed up to try out and three new members were chosen: freshman Abby Olcott, junior A.J. Kallas and sophomore Brandon Grossi. The team looks forward to integrating these new members and seeing how they change the atmosphere of the production.

The next Spoons 4 Forks show is Oct. 28 in Wisner Auditorium.


— Jeremy McGrath, Staff Writer

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