Grandparents returning to campus Oct. 6

Life at Olivet is not only shaped by the experiences of current students, but also by those of past generations. On Grandparents Day 2016, sophomore Zach Tamez and sophomore Chase Waterbury will reminisce about the memories they have made at Olivet with their alumni grandparents.

Tamez’s grandparents both attended Olivet and just like the university’s motto, they believe that Zach belongs here also.

“It is really great that they have belief in where I go,” Tamez said. “They love Olivet and what it stands for.”

Lloyd and Connie Jackson traveled from Utica, IL to celebrate their grandson’s high school graduation from Green Valley High School in Henderson, Nevada. Photo from Zach Temez

Waterbury’s grandparents, on both sides, also attended Olivet.

“My mom’s side is more involved in what happens at Olivet. They come for almost every event,” Waterbury said.

Waterbury told the story about how his grandpa met his grandma.

“My grandfather, on my dad’s side, was set up on a blind date with my grandma,” Waterbury said. “They were Chapel buddies the next semester.”

They each have heard many stories about their family’s memories from their college days at Olivet.

“When Eisenhower was running for President, he was planning to visit Olivet,” Tamez said. “The marching band was going to play to welcome him. My grandpa and his friends thought it would be funny to dress up in suits and pretend to be Eisenhower and his Secret Service men, showing up in a convertible. The marching band really thought that it was him.”

Waterbury also shared several memories, including the pranks that his grandpa would pull with his friends.

“My grandpa used to play football with his friends by using the mattresses that were in the supply closet on his floor,” Waterbury said. “I enjoy hearing about all of the pranks that they played when they went here.”

Over the years, the memories remembered at Olivet have not changed, although the lifestyle may have. Tamez and Waterbury’s grandparents have noticed the transformation of rules and trends around campus.

“They are always surprised by the changes of the dress code and the atmosphere here,” Tamez said. “My grandma had to wear long skirts and dresses.”

“On Sunday, they had to wear their finest clothes and women could not wear trousers,” Waterbury said.

Along with the dress code, the recreational rules have also changed from what they used to be.

“They did not have the events that we do now, like the Halloween Candy Costume Party and they were not allowed to dance,” Tamez said.

“They could not go to see movies,” Waterbury said.

Tamez and Waterbury’s grandparents will all be attending Grandparents Day, this year.

Grandparents Day is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016. The Director for Alumni & University Relations, Erinn Proehl, helps lead all of the planning that goes into the event.

“We started planning for the event the day after Grandparents Day 2015,” Proehl said.

On this day, students get the chance to show their grandparents around campus and give them a taste of what life at Olivet is all about. The day is full of entertainment from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., with a special dinner at 6:30 p.m.

“We love when we can have as many students participate as possible,” Proehl said. “All students are invited to attend with their grandparents.”


— Danielle Snuckel, Assistant Life & Culture Editor

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