Apartment room checks removed

Apartment resident assistants Sydney Houzenga and Christina Grosz will not miss doing room checks. Room checks for Olivet’s apartments are being replaced with an honor code curfew system.

“It was a good time talking to your residents,” Grosz said, “but I don’t want to stay up that late.”

According to Phil Steward, Dean of Residential Life, it is more convenient for residential life to only have the dorms do room checks because there is not an alarm system in Olivet’s apartment buildings. “There are locks and the doors are already alarmed in the dorms,” Steward said. Without alarm systems in apartments, it’s more difficult for RA’s to ensure in-hours are being kept.

Steward hopes that RA’s continue to check in on their residents, just not late at night when RA’s might possibly wake up the residents.

“In place of it, we still want RA’s to be a presence,” Phil said. “We still want them doing rounds and pop-in conversations. We feel as if they can do that earlier in the evening.”

Resident Director of the Grand Apartments, Donna McAllister, said that not doing room checks in the apartments will make students feel more trusted. The majority of students have complied with the rules in the past. Students also keep themselves and each other accountable. Residential life staff trusts that there will be no issues regarding the recent decision to have no room checks in the apartments.


— Shannon Vandebunte, Staff Writer

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