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Welcome Class of 2020 to Olivet! We are so excited to see you. I hope that you have noticed by now where you got the name “Visionary.” I hope that you enjoy your first year here. Your success depends on the choices you make. I hope these thoughts from a senior help you.

Your first semester at Olivet may be difficult, I know that it was for me. I even thought that I should not have come here. One thing that helped me was telling myself that I had to stay for an entire semester. If I decided it was not right for me, I wanted to know that I had tried my best. College is not for everyone, but it is challenging for everyone.

In your first couple weeks, you will be exposed to many opportunities to get involved in clubs and ministries. Some of you are able to jump right in and find a place; others need to just figure out college. You should try to be involved on your floor regardless of how comfortable you are. The people you live with will likely be the ones you know the best.

An important choice you will make is where you will attend church. If you do not have a car, you may want to keep in mind that waiting for a ride in September is not like it will be in January. I have been extremely happy at College Church. It is not for everyone, but it is worth a try. More important than which church you choose, is choosing one. A church should be a place you belong, not a place you visit.

As you transition to your life here, try to find a routine. Work, fun and rest are all necessary to be successful. I know it is not cool, but you do need to sleep. You need to take a reasonable amount of time each week to relax. Notice when you are most alert and study for classes then, especially the difficult ones. If you are struggling academically or personally, check out the services that the Center for Student Success offers.

Lastly, remember that everyone at Olivet wants you to thrive. Do not be afraid to admit if you are struggling and seek help. I hope you find a home here you will learn to love.

Grace Pelley, Staff Writer


  1. Well said, Grace! Olivet is definitely a place where people care about one another.

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