Letter to the Editor: Donald Trump for president

In response to a March 24 article in the Opinion section titled “Donald Drumpf for president: A closer look at Donald Trump’s campaign technique, aggresive platform.”

This year’s election sure has a unique line up of presidential candidates. This is the first year in which I am able to use my right to vote, and you can bet that I plan to take advantage of that right.

Each of these candidates offers up their own solution on how they plan to better our country, but there is only one candidate that truly has what it takes to Make America Great Again. Of course, I am talking about Donald J. Trump.

Throughout the media world, Mr. Trump is pictured as the bad guy in the presidential race. The media takes Trump’s words out of context and twists them to make him sound like
a slew of media buzzwords. This, of course, is not true. Anyone who actually listens to Trump, knows that he has nothing but good intentions for our country.

Let’s start out with the fact that he is the only candidate that is self-funding. This makes him the most reliable of the group. When a candidate takes donations from an outside source, political etiquette dictates that the donor is owed a favor by the candidate. Every puppet has its puppet master, but Trump is much different. He is in total control of his campaign.


Many anti-Trump individuals argue that he is a failed businessman, citing that he has “gone bankrupt four times.” Although it is technically true, Donald never went personally bankrupt. In fact, even his “failed” business were not fully bankrupt, but were saved by a Chapter 11 Debt Reorganization, which just happens to be part of the bankruptcy law. These four “bankruptcies” are nothing compared to his hundreds of successful businesses. To say he is a failed businessman is completely idiotic. He is worth billions, and you don’t get there through failure.

Another reason why people don’t like Trump is because he makes “controversial and disgusting statements.” I have watched videos that show Trump in a bad light because of something he said, only to discover that the statement was taken out of context.

“They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists” is the most used anti-Trump quote, and people assume that he is speaking about the general Mexican population. In reality, he is referring to illegal immigrants. These include the illegals who have been known to bring up to 100 billion dollars worth of marijuana and cocaine over the border. This doesn’t even include heroin, illegal weapons, and other dangerous contraband. All of which contribute to the deaths of American citizens everyday. 5.6 percent of the illegal immigrants caused 38 percent of all murders in Texas, Arizona, California, Florida and New York, according to Breitbart. All of these crimes could have easily been prevented if we had stronger border security. I find nothing wrong with having a safe place for my family and friends to live.

I always hear people complain that Trump and his supporters are prone to violence and very rough with protestors, but as seen at the rally- turned-riot in Chicago, this is not the case.

“Those rioters stormed in and attacked anyone within reach. I saw a pregnant lady get assaulted by three Bernie supporters,” Eddie Ludwig said, Olivet student who was there to witness the events that took place that night.

I personally attended a Trump rally in St. Louis, and the Trump supporters were very respectful, even to the protestors. Mr. Trump himself never endorsed violence during that rally. He even told the police to be gentle with the disruptors.

If you are considering voting this November, choose the candidate that has a successful track record and isn’t owned by anyone. Don’t buy into the lies of the media, think critically and make an informed decision. I think you will find Donald J. Trump as the best candidate for President of the United States. Make America Great Again

–Hoa Nguyen, contributing writer

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