Coffee tastes refine over time

Cup of Joe. Java. Liquid energy. Café.` Many Olivet students began their coffee journey with sugary Frappuccino’s and Mocha Lattes but progressively prefer something more strong and bitter.

“My first cup was probably when I was a freshman or something. I was at a church event and I was tired and they were like, ‘Here’s some coffee if you guys want it,’ and I saw a bunch of people putting cream and sugar in it and I was like, ‘yeah! Sugar, sugar, sugar. It was really sweet and I liked it,” sophomore Matthew Harnisch said.

Harnisch’s coffee tastes were refined on a mission trip to Nicaragua

“We went on a hike up one of the volcanos and there was a coffee shop half way up the mountain. I told myself ‘when I get up there, I am drinking a cup of coffee,’ because I was tired and I wanted to taste it. I was like, ‘I can do this,’ and it actually tasted pretty good. So I bought some and brought it back – my first legitimate bag of coffee and went through it like crazy.

“After that week of high caffeine amounts, I became addicted. My thresh hold of dopamine was so high and I wanted to be at that level all the time. I became dependent on coffee and I progressed from drinking standard coffee just for the fix to now I roast my own coffee and buy my raw coffee from certain places. Folger’s tastes terrible to me now. I have grown from junkie to like classy junkie,” said Harnisch.

Coffee is America’s number one choice of drink and it can begin at an early age.

“My dad would drink coffee in the morning; he would drink like Folger’s and he would put milk and sugar in it and I was always interested because it smelled so good; so I would always just ask him and as I got older he was like, ‘okay fine you can have a little sip of it,’ but I never really loved it, I just thought it was cool because I wanted to be like my dad,” said Resident Director, Joey Ramirez.

Junior Ayla Price started drinking coffee because she wanted to act older. “I remember around the age 10 or 12 I would always be trying my parents, or grandparents cups of coffee because I wanted to be old and cool like them,” Price said. “I had friends in high school who drank coffee everyday and they really got me started into it. Now its apart of my everyday life.”

When we hit college, coffee quickly turns from just something we think tastes good to being almost a necessity for studies.
“My interest in coffee began around college just for the sake of staying awake and I needed something. I drank it a little in High school, not so much but I think over the years I needed something to keep me awake and I just began to drink coffee,” Price said.

Drinking coffee may keep us awake when we have a final to study for, but It also has health benefits.

“A lot of it has to do with health. I am trying to eat better and when it comes to coffee there’s no calories and it’s really just the caffeine so if you just have coffee it’s not necessarily bad for you. Usually if you drink a cup of coffee you should drink an extra cup of water because it’s a diuretic. I was eating a lot of sugar in general and so giving up that part of it and the extra calories helped me to eat a lot healthier,” Ramirez said.


Coffee connoisseurs can notice the differences in taste between brews. There are light roasts, dark roasts and even each country’s coffee has it’s own coffee flavors.

“I have a favorite country that I like to get coffee from and that’s Ethiopia. Historically that’s where they discovered coffee where coffee first started and it seems to be the best temperature to grown coffee in. It just has the best environment to grown coffee in. It’s very floral and citruesque. Also, I like Latin American coffees, but those are more chocolatey,” said Ramirez

“Now for me, I just take it black and it has to be a good type of coffee bean and it has to be roasted well within the two week period. I think it’s about the type of bean and the time after its roasted,” senior Kyle Johnston said.

“My least favorite coffee which I can’t really stand to drink at all would be what I call ‘church coffee.’ Its usually cheap and watered down to be honest. Starbucks has an incredibly different taste than, for instance, Intelligentsia,” Price said.

Intellgentsia is a coffee roasting company and retailer in Chicago.

Price added: “Starbucks coffee is usually a darker less acidic taste. I enjoy the deep and dark flavors of Starbucks but I think Intelligentsia does a better job at getting at the true flavor of the coffee bean.”

Alyssa Franklin, staff writer

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