God, have mercy on America

On the way back to Olivet from Spring Break, I saw a phrase on the back of a truck, which I had seen many times. But this time it seemed odd. The phrase was “God Bless America,” in response to which I thought, “Why would He do that?”

This summer, our Supreme Court made homosexual marriages legal throughout the country. Millions of innocent children have been slaughtered since 1973. Yet, many Christians are more upset about the style of music in church and Starbucks’ cups than about America’s soul. Those who are concerned believe that the right president will save America, as if he or she will be a messiah.

We are not God’s chosen people. Even though America was founded on Biblical principles, God never said to us what He said to the Jews. We are throwing God out of our society and, for some reason, we are surprised that America is waning. The Church has divorced religion and politics, allowing our voices to be drowned out in the public sector. Those who are involved often put too much faith in the political system, expecting non- Christians to act like Christians.

In short, we Christians who are stewarding America have failed.
We put our security in our political platform instead of in God and used our power to protect our interests, not to demonstrate compassion. Why are we surprised that America is falling?

But, there is still hope. If we confess America’s sins instead of condemning those who will never confess, God may have mercy on us. We need to confess, even if we individually have always done what is right, because if we do not, who will? I fear that God’s list of grievances against us as a nation is long and punishment will come.

God, have mercy on America.

Grace Pelley, staff writer

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