Commuters may lose church lot

Despite the newly-designated commuter lot at College Church of the Nazarene University Avenue, not all commuters are using it fully, Jorge Bonilla, Retention Coordinator in Olivet’s Center for Student Success, said.

Many students feel that it is too far from their classes, according to Bonilla, who said he hopes that when it is warmer, they will park at the church.

If commuter students do not fully use the lot this semester the College Church lot will again become parking for all students living off campus, including students living in Oake and Stratford apartments. If this happens, Bonilla said parking for commuters will again become difficult and they will have to find parking all over campus. “It is just a matter of reinforcing it and saying that students can benefit from parking here and that they should take advantage if it,” Bonilla said. “Next semester I don’t want to see that there is no parking, specifically for commuters.”

“If the commuter students are parking somewhere other than their lot, they are going to put a lot of pressure on the other parking lots. They have a place that is designed for them to use and if they don’t use it we are going to have to do something about it,” said Bonilla.

Recently, the Student Center for Success created a commuter launch in efforts to make life more convenient for commuters. College Church opened its doors to allow commuters to relax in their café before their classes.

“We thought, okay, they can park there [at the church] if they want to hang out [at the church] before they have a class or want to have a sandwich before going to class. They can do that there,” Bonilla said. “Park at the church, join the commuter launch, and then just go to their class. This is the first time that we have done that, and we wanted to give it a try to see if that was better than taking a few spots in Weber.”

Bonilla said he hopes students know that they care about commuter students.

“Commuters come and go all the time. They need a place where they can come from about 30 miles from Olivet and get to a destination where they can just find parking and not spend a lot of time running around looking for a parking spot,” he said.

Alyssa Franklin, Staff Writer

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