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Students inspired by chapel speakers get engaged and married in a day, administration rejoices

The beginning of March marked the arrival of Olivet’s highly anticipated relationship focused chapel services, inspiring even the most notorious “skippers” to rally together in Centennial Chapel. The speakers delivered two powerful messages, revolutionizing ONU dating culture with a beautifully simple idea: get engaged and married on the same day.

The novelty of this concept swept through the crowd with equal amounts of wonder and imagination. “I came into chapel that day with hesitations,” junior Tori Elaine admitted. “I saw myself as too logical and level-headed to make a commitment like that. But the speakers story really did a work in my heart.”


Elaine went on to detail how she has sought help from the Center of Student Successfulness, finding peace in their holistic singles counseling programs. Signs around campus asking “Not married? Not Engaged?” have attracted flocks of students hoping to find solace and advice, leading to their own happily ever after.

David Wright and Emily Rush heard the message loud and clear. While the pair had dated for well over eight months, they both claimed to have known from Day 1 they were created to be soul mates. “I knew it from the moment I first saw her at Jumpstart,” Wright said fondly. “She was so intent on making her group’s newspaper-roll tower stand up straight. I was completely taken with her.”


After the speakers finished unquestionable call to action, David and Emily knew what they needed to do. A tear-filled proposal before the glow of the eternal flame was quickly followed by scores of phone calls to friends and family members.

Rush admitted that it took a while to convince most relatives that they were serious about their decision. However, she took comfort in the ecstatic support of her Williams floor community. “I just hope that we can serve as a role model for others,” she expressed. “Like the Bible even says, ‘There is no fear in love,’ and I don’t get how many couples seem to take that out of context.”


Within hours, the Wright wedding came together, harbored under the roof of the beloved Kelly Prayer Chapel. Swarms of students rallied to show their support of the couples’ bravery. The ceremony was officiated by ministry major Konnor IceBerg, who fully expressed his approval of the union.


Demand for married housing has also experienced a monumental rise, as couples anticipating upcoming one-day-engagement/marriage enthusiasts filled out housing forms for the Fall 2016 semester. In response, the residential life team is arranging to have all Stratford apartments transformed to become a married-only division.

As for the newlyweds, Rush expressed that housing and finances have become secondary to the infinite joys of married life. She expressed with happy tears in her eyes, “I’m just glad I found my very own Mr. Wright.”

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