Olivetians reassembled

The voices of the Olivetians have been rekindled by our Nazarene brothers and sisters in California.

In a farewell concert, the Olivetians made one final attempt to refund their program by selling an exclusive mixtape online. The mixtape includes the Olivetians singing the third verse of hundreds of beloved and timeless church hymns. Hundreds of Nazarenes in California bought the mixtape.

“Our churches here in the Midwest just don’t understand what it’s like to have good traditional Nazarene music,” one Olivetian, who wished to remain anonymous, said.

The president of Point Loma Nazarene University has invited the Olivetians to come and serve PLNU.

“Saved and sanctified. The Olivetians’ mixtape brought so many of our students into church,” President Loma said.

But the music group had to decline the president’s offer. Now that the music group is no longer tied to Olivet’s budget, they have decided to independently sign with Chris Tomlin as backup singers.

“Tomlin pitched the idea to us a few years ago, but it fell flat,” another Olivetian said. “We couldn’t do anything because we were under Olivet. In a way, being dismissed was one of the best things ONU could have done for us.”

The singers look forward to earning substantial profits, considering Tomlin’s prevalence on Shine.FM and in the Christian community.
“Tomlin knows how to write good melodies, we can do three-part harmonies,” one Olivetian said. “It’s so amazing.”

The Christian artist and the ministry team look forward to adding upbeat bridges to traditional Nazarene hymns.

President of Student Development Wooly Webber said that Olivet is glad to see the Olivetians succeed.

“While we would like to see the singers stay and serve their college, we understand that some people like singing for Jesus, money, and fame more than just singing for Jesus,” Webber said.

The singers believe that God is blessing them with fame and fortune after a long time of slaving away for the benefit of the university.


“You cannot join Christ in his reign until you’ve joined him in his suffering,” another Olivetian said. “We’ve done a lot of suffering for Jesus.”

President James Q. Boiling is sad to see the Olivetians not dedicating themselves to Olivet.

“Sometimes you have to climb mountains to get where you need to be. Mountains of struggle,” Boiling said. “I had hoped that the Olivetians would have recognized the higher mission of the university and chosen to stay with the university after coming back.”

Nathan DiCamillo, Life and Culture editor

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