Commentary: Family destroying American baseball

Springtime arrives, and with the birds in the trees comes the sweet, sweet sound of balls being beaten with large metal rods. Yes, baseball’s spring training has begun, but bringing with it the beginning of a swirling controversy that is raging throughout the country.

Adam LaRoche, a veteran designated hitter for the Chicago White Sox, has announced his retirement from the game of baseball. His reason: Being told to his son cannot be in the clubhouse every day. Now this is just the kind of ridiculous behavior that comes to rule the sports realm. It’s not enough that professional athletes are constantly using steroids, abusing drugs, impregnating multiple women at the same time (Landon Collins), or throwing games for money (Paul Crewe), now these antics have lead to this: trying to get extra family time on the field. Where will it end?

The trouble arose after last season, when Drake LaRoche, Adam’s 14-year-old son, was a constant presence in the Sox’ Locker Room. After a less than stellar performance, the organization has decided that a refocus is needed for this season. One of those issues was to restrict time when Drake would be in the locker room. LaRoche Sr, in one of the hissy fits that makes sports more and more like reality television, filed his paperwork for resignation.

This scandal is rocking the sports world, with huge implications. Now termed by the media as “Locker- Gate” resignations and clearing of the front office is expected to come down in the following months. Even presidential candidates have seen fit to make remarks from the campaign trail.

“When I was in the White House, I never took my child to work. I made the tough call, and forced her to spend her days in the pool and at the bowling alley down the hall. I often enjoyed emailing her though,” President Donald Trump said. “We just need to build a wall around the locker room, and kick ‘em all out.”

What is the world coming to when people who are looked to as role models and examples become distracted from devoting every second of every minute of every hour of every day manically pursuing larger digits on the stat sheet, by trying to spend time with their young and impressionable children in the clubhouse? Seriously, the level of nonsense that player’s try to get away these days are just flabbergasting. I expect higher standards from athletes in the future.

If you feel the same way, be sure to show your support on social media. LaRoche has created the trending hashtag #familyfirst. Opponents of his attitudes and actions have trended the hashtag: #keepthekidsoutofthelockroombecauseyou’resupposedtobeafreakingbaseballplayingprofessional- goodlordtrytogetyourlifetogethermoreandstopbeinridiculousnokidsneededinthelockerroom.

–Connor Pestka, staff writer

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