Chipotle no longer coming to Bourbonnais

Although it was confirmed last fall that Chipotle coming to the area this summer, the famous Mexican fast- food chain is stopping plans and the building will instead be turned into a Beauty Salon.

When many found out that Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon at 1605 Illinois Route 50, Bradley, in front of Target closed for business on Sept. 12, they figured this could be the place where Chipotle could be established, but there were other intentions in mind.

“Viewing the floor plans of Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon, we felt it would only be right to create a Beauty Salon in place of the old restaurant. We took a good look at the blueprints and it’s perfect. We are really happy with the decision,” architect Bradley Stephenson said.


Vice President of Chicago’s Suburban Retail Agency, Wes Mistof confirmed that rather than turning Lone Star into a Chipotle like everyone anticipates, residents may have to look elsewhere for the Mexican Grill.

“We took a good look at the blueprints and it’s perfect. We are really happy with the decision,” Stephenson said.

“We are keeping everyone in mind here when we created the beauty salon,” Vice President of Chicago’s Suburban Retail Agency Wes Mistof said. “Now instead of just another restaurant for people to eat, people are able to just focus on their appearance instead.”


Founder, Co-CEO, and Chairman of Chipotle Mexican Grill Steve Ells explained that though they are hoping to expand their chain in the near future, they are unable to due to recent bad press.

“With the E-Coli outbreak earlier this year, we feel that we should put a halt on the expansion of our chain. It is for the greater good; we care about college students and their health.”

Anticipating students seem to feel differently about the decision.

Fifth year senior Lynn Frank said, “I have attended Olivet for literally five years and each year people have told me that we would get a Chipotle. Each year I got my hopes up and each year I was let down.”

Frank said she refuses to graduate until she gets to eat a locally bought Chipotle burrito while hammocking in the Weber lawn.


“We have a Great Clips and Walmart, what more do we need for beauty. I think that we need to get over ourselves and what the news says about Chipotle and just give the people what they want. In my case, I want a burrito with chicken, brown beans, corn, sour cream, lettuce, cheese and guacamole,” freshman David Bronco said.

Mistof responds to the disagreement uproar from Olivet students and local residents.

“Many may not agree with the decision to create a beauty salon, but in the long run, it is what we believe is best realistically. We hope they will be able to learn to love the decision,” Mistof said.

Alyssa Franklin, staff writer

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