GlimmerGlass takes home 7 awards at conference

The GlimmerGlass editorial board came back refreshed and renewed after attending the annual Illinois College Press Association (ICPA) conference in Chicago on Feb. 19 and 20.

The staff of Olivet’s student newspaper won seven awards this year, competing against universities including Illinois State University, Knox College, Northwestern University, Augustana College and Eastern Illinois University.

“One of the most salient moments was meeting other Christian reporters who believed that their belief in God widened and did not narrow what they thought should be covered in the media,” DiCamillo said.

“Some stories at Olivet are censored because they’re considered inherently antithetical to the mission of the university,” DiCamillo said. “It was extremely refreshing to see other believers recognize that stories are neither inherently Christian or un- christian, but that the writing of those stories brings us journalists that much closer to God,” he said.

Her first year at conference, freshman Sports Editor Nicole Pilbeam said, “This year set the bar very high for us winning these awards. We are very different from the larger schools that were at ICPA, but the idea’s they gave we could definitely implement on a smaller scale.”

While at the conference, junior Abbie Mills, Photo Editor, participated in a photo competition called “Shoot Chicago,” where participants go into the city to capture an image that portrays a certain theme.

“It was also good to see the other competitors images and network with them,” Mills said.

Student journalists also had the chance to hear professional journalists
from The Chicago Tribune and The Chicago Sun-Times talk about their experience in the field – from reporters to photographers to editors.

“I learned a lot about freelancing at the conference and I wish I had the opportunity to go to ICPA prior [to this year],” senior News Editor Taylor Provost said. “The speaker who taught us about freelancing gave me hope for having a career in something a lot of people call a dying art.”

All staff awards:

  • Third Place for Opinion Page
  • Honorable Mention for Sports Page Layout

And the winners are:


  • Sophomore Jack White recognized for third place in Critical Review Open
  • Junior Erica Browning recognized for second place in Column, Excluding Sports for Non-Dailies Over 4,000 Junior Kristy Coser recognized for honorable mention in Critical Review-Other Open
  • Junior Abbie Mills recognized for honorable mention for Feature Photo Non-Dailies Over 4,000
  • Junior Abbie Mills recognized for honorable mention in “Shoot Chicago” Photo Competition.


Grace King, Executive Editor

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