New parking policy makes room for commuters

While College Church of the Nazarene University Avenue’s parking lot was previously available to some Grand apartment resident students, a new parking policy implemented this semester will only allow commuters to park in this lot.

Six hundred commuter students make the drive to Olivet every day. Dr. Woody Webb, Vice President for Student Development, said, “For commuter students, their only option is to drive to campus. For many of them their schedule is sporadic and parking is a significant challenge.”

Recently, Jorge Bonilla, the Retention Coordinator for Student Success, sent out a survey to commuter students at Olivet. The number one concern and problem that came back from the survey was parking.

Webb added that the College Church parking lot seems to be used the most, both by apartment residents and commuters, mostly because it seems to be

the most convenient.
To make things more accommodating to commuter students, Olivet’s new parking policy has come into effect on campus. Apartment residents were notified by Webb that starting Tuesday, Jan. 12, the parking lot behind College Church be designated strictly to commuter students starting from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Apartment residents still have the availability of parking in Centennial East and West parking lots and Weber parking lot.

Emily Vankuren, a commuter student, says that she has not been able to use the new designated commuter parking lot but appreciates the changes being made to accommodate commuters.

“I hope that with this change Stratford and The Oaks residents will take full advantage of shuttle buses given to the students,” Webb said. Shuttles will now be available to campus residents who live further from campus.

The survey given to the commuter students also suggested that commuter students were in need of a lounge on campus, designated to them. Initially, Red Room had been the commuter lounge, but it has become a popular place, causing crowding.

The Café area at College Church is now the designated commuter lounge. Commuter students have the ability to eat, have a cup of coffee, relax or wait for their next class.

The next step for The Café is Wi-Fi and a microwave to accommodate the students.

Jorge Bonilla agreed that the accommodation of commuter students was important.

Commuter student Tyeisha Smith is just starting her first semester at Olivet and added that she is “impressed with the accommodation for commuter students.”

Sarai Guerrero

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