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Meet the Mr. ONU candidates

Mr. ONU 2

Misael Jovany Lopez Garcia is a freshman who has a passion for art and people. His spirit animal is a Mexican Chihuahua, because you can always find him yapping with friends. Jovany believes every guy at Olivet deserves the title of Mr. ONU. He said, “You have to give smiles to your friends and provide happiness. You can’t give what you don’t have.” Jovany is currently working on the world’s most amazing Dr. Bowling fan site. He is a taco enthusiast. He humbly believes he is unde- serving of the title of Mr. ONU, but will represent the school well if he wins.

Mr. ONU 4

Landon Blake Martin. He may seem like an ordinary guy, but he has been called the most interesting man on campus. Landon has dreamed of being Mr. ONU for forever. This event is his lifetime peak. His talents include drumming and bagging groceries. In his free time, Landon enjoys basketball, medium walks on the beach – not long walks, and hanging out with friends. His spirit animal is “a bald eagle..because America.” To prepare for Mr. ONU, Landon says, “I am buffing my dancing shoes. I’m going to do a lot of dancing and shaking. It’s going to be fun.”

Mr. ONU 6

“When I was born at a young age, I dreamed of being third runner up in Mr. ONU.” Daniel Kurz is running a campaign based on friendship, cats and adults. Daniel’s talents include snapping, bagging groceries and juggling three balls (nothing more, nothing less). He believes he is better than the other candidates because he is marginally taller than Dakota Moon, but besides that he is worse. To prepare for Mr. ONU, he is withholding from wrestling bears. In his free time, Daniel enjoys tithing and reading Chaplain Holcomb’s E-Vo’s. He channels his spirit animal, a possum, when riding bikes, but he tries not to ride bikes.

Mr. ONU 8

“This is all off the record.” Dakota Moon has been dreaming of becoming Mr. ONU for 30-40 years. He does not have a campaign slogan because, “In corporate America, if you limit yourself to one slogan, you’re limiting yourself to one group of people. And that’s off the record.” Dakota likes to surround himself with people who can tie knots and set up camps, like Eagle Scouts. He believes he will win because he is average height, so people can focus on his charm, composure, and poise. Off the record, he is a song and dance man who claims he is, “very very very humble. I’m the most humble of all the candidates. And that’s off the record.”

Mr. ONU 3

The first thing you should know about Brendan (Bren-Dawg) Moorehead is money. He is a strong supporter of money and everything that goes along with it. Brendan is a proud Eagle Scout, and uses that to impress all those who are not Eagle Scouts. He believes, “If you don’t like breakfast food, you are communism.” Bren-Dawg enjoys recipe swapping with Dr. Bowling and taking photographs of things. He would also like to add that Joey Ramirez is on his team, and Joey gives him his lucky charms. BrenMoney is a Starbucks Gold Member and his spirit animal is Balto. And money.

grant mr. onu

While most see him as the man with the camera, there is a lot going on behind the lens. Grant Penrod has watched 16 Mr. ONU’s in his lifetime as he has lived in the Olivet community his whole life, and now he believes it’s his turn. He says, “I think it’s a right of passage for me to win.” Grant is a jolly green giant with humongous ears. His talents include carpentry, playing all brass instruments and floristry. To prepare for Mr. ONU, Grant is occasionally traveling to the 4th dimension, and working out in a space suit. Grant says, “Schmidt from New Girl is my spirit animal, because I used to be chubby.” All in all, he’s an “out of this world” guy.

Mr. ONU Coleman 2

Coleman Sesson. Most know him as “the guy with the Mohawk on the cheer team that does all the awesome flips,” but those close to Coleman know he is an artsy, people-loving dreamer. He is no stranger to the Mr. ONU stage, as he was featured during Mike Warner’s talent portion in last year’s Mr. ONU. When Cole is not working in the bookstore or at Olive Garden, he enjoys hanging out with friends and going on adventures. He never thought he would be nominated, but now he says, “I really want it, I want it so bad.”

Mr. ONU sayer

Ever since he was a wee lad, Sayer Smith has dreamed of becoming Mr. ONU. He believes it is time for a southerner, like himself, to own the title. Sayer is a cheerleader, that delights in getting brunch with Bowling, happy hour with Holcomb, and dinner with DaaSilva. One of his many talents is lassoing women under 5’7”, and cows. “I can dance really good if everyone closes their eyes.” He outshines other candidates because he looks good in teal, and he looks more like Bumper from Pitch Perfect. He is practicing an all-you-can-eat diet because, “Life is a buffet. Eat it.”

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