Grand receives gift of Tempur-Pedic mattresses

On Nov. 2, around 200 Tempur-pedic mattresses were delivered to the Grand apartments.

As summer home of the Chicago Bears, one of the sponsors of the team is Tempur-pedic. The mattress company and the Bears came to an agreement that the players would get to sleep on the Tempur-pedic mattresses during their summer stay at Olivet, and then Tempur-pedic would take the mattresses back. In the agreement, 150 king sized mattresses were put in Parrot Dormatory and University Place apartments for the team and staff.

On the day that they were supposed to be sent back, Director of Physical Plant Matt Whitis said he was talking to the man in charge of it about what they were going to do with the used mattresses, since they couldn’t sell them. As they were waiting on the four semis that would take the mattresses back, he said that they gave them to non-profit organizations.

“He turned to me and said, ‘You’re non-profit, right?’” Whitis said. And so Olivet received 300 mattresses, as the 150 king-sized mattresses could be split into two. They did that for two years, until the Bears and Tem- pur-pedics stopped the agreement.

The mattresses that were delivered this month were another donation. The man called Whitis out of the blue and asked if he wanted more mattresses. Whitis described getting the call from the man as “kind of like Christmas.”

The delivery stirred up a mixture of feelings among the students, with some students describing the mattresses as too hot and thick, while others enjoyed them.

Shelby Jensen, a sophomore who lives in the Grand Apartments, said, “I had them last year; I think it’s nice that we can come back and have a more comfortable night’s sleep.”

The Grand Apartments used to have the regular mattresses, but because of the seven-year plan, they were changed out. The plan involves a seven-year cycle, where every seven years, the mattresses are changed out

in a dorm or apartment building. Resident Director Phil Steward said that there are around 2,400 beds, so it “takes a while to get through.” That is why Grand Apartments were the ones to receive the Tempur-pedic mattresses.
So far, there is no current plan for more Tempur-pedics, as they are only donations and four times more expensive than what Olivet normally spends on mattresses. Whitis said that the only reason Olivet got the mattresses was because they were “a by-product of the Bears; otherwise we would have never gotten them.”

Claire Schmidt, staff writer

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