Olivet partners with Rock Valley College in RN-BSN

Rock Valley College in Rockford, Illinois is partnering with Olivet in “Pursue ONU.”

The “Pursue ONU” partnership is in the Bachelors of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) program. This agreement supports Rock Valley nursing students who have completed their associate’s degree at Rock Valley College (RVC) to transition to Olivet for completion of the Bachelors of Science program at Olivet.

This partnership creates many opportunities for RVC students. Elizabeth Sieracki, is currently on the journey of finishing her associate’s degree at RVC. Sieracki is currently anticipating the next fall semester, where she plans on fully taking advantage of the “Pursue ONU” program and receiving her RN-BSN through Olivet.

“The nursing schools in Rockford are so competitive, which makes students lose interests in becoming a nurse. This partnership has the ability to greatly increase the number of potential nursing students, and help the demand for nurses in Rockford,” Sieracki said. “I believe this partnership will make my transition to Olivet much smoother and less stressful. I have such a passion to become a nurse, and I am so excited about doing that through Olivet.”

Kelly Cooper, nursing academic advisor at RVC, said, “The collaboration with Olivet Nazarene University ensuring that these students are taking the right courses so the completion directly through Olivet and completing the BSN are all smooth. There is vital success along the road for both institutions.”

–Sarai Guerrero, Contributing Writer

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