Wolf Pack begins

It started two years ago with a group of Olivet students who were such good friends that they became a “family”—or a “Wolfpack” as they called themselves. Now, they are creating an online video series recreating and dramatizing their experiences as close friends and interviewing students for cast spots.

“WolfPack The Series” is a student run internet series consisting of various skits and plot points. “The theme of the show is about the lives of a group of college friends who call themselves ‘The WolfPack’ and about the different challenges they face,” Dominique Shepard, the creator, producer and scriptwriter of the series, said.

Shepard’s main goal for the show is “just to bring people entertainment, laughter, and just fun—give ‘em that old school 90s show feel.”

Ideal candidates for the show are people who just want to have a fun time and meet new people. One of the main points of “WolfPack The Series” is to get the students of ONU out of the cliques they are used to and make new friends, Devante White, one of the writers and a main characters for the show, said.

According to Shepard, they “need a ton of zombies” (approximately 50) for a horror special that the show will be featuring late in the first season. “We don’t plan on turning anybody away, if you want to be in it just let me know,” Shepard said.

Shepard and White need zombie characters for a “special thriller” episode.

“I’m not going to say much about it, but the episode is basically about the campus becoming infected with zombies,” Shepard said.

Other special episodes include an “investigation episode” in which a rumor is spread about one of the main characters, and Shepherd’s character sets out to find its source. “Date night” is another in which the group of friends all find dates for the weekend except for Shepherd.

The show will be published primarily on YouTube, but some episodes will be posted to Facebook and Instagram. One of the goals of the group is to reach an audience that extends beyond the campus of Olivet because the show will be aimed at making people laugh regardless of their age or where they go to school. This aim is important for students to remember in the interview process because the show will be family friendly, and cast members will have to respect that goal.

All of the episodes will follow a scenario, but will mostly be impromptu. The average time for every episode will be 15 minutes, and the episodes will be published on every Tuesday at 9 p.m. There will be a main cast as well as a number of guest appearance opportunities. The roles will mainly be impromptu with the exception of a few episodes being written by Shepard. Shepard is planning on at least two seasons and would prefer that the members of the main cast be a part of both seasons.

Shooting for the first episode of the series began the week of Oct. 18.

–Christopher Rhynes, contributing writer

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