Global Glimpses: October 22, 2015

A Leaderless Palestinian rebel youth attacks ensue

PALESTINE – Violence between the Palestinians and the Israelis is escalating rapidly. However, this current violent uprising is very different from the second Palestinian intifada that began in 1987, according to the New York Times.

This uprising does not consist of well-organized armed groups, but instead involves spontaneous outbursts by individual young people unaffiliated with any formal political movement.

Instead of suicide bombs, their arsenal includes a variety of weapons from small knives to screwdrivers and even a potato peeler. The youth seem to be motivated by social media campaigns.

Most attacks seem to not be religious, it being noted that none of the men wore beards, as is common for devout Muslims.

Anti-Columbus Day activists call for change

U.S. – Columbus Day, Oct. 12, is a day schools tend to pause and celebrate, yet it seems like that tradition is about to change.

It first became a federal holiday in 1934. Nine cities so far in the U.S. have pressed for resolutions to recognize Oct. 12 as Indigenous People’s Day, including Albuquerque, NM, according to TV news network

Not only have there been Anti-Columbus protests across the U.S., including a statue of the explorer being vandalized in Detroit, there were also protests in Chile, according to International Business Times. The protests were led by Chile’s biggest indigenous group, the Mapuche community.

There has also been Spanish opposition to the national holiday, and indigenous tribes in Guatemala last year closed down major roads all over the country in demonstrations against the holiday, according to The National.

MH17 Ukraine Disaster: DSB blames missile

UKRAINE – The Dutch Safety Board (DSB) is now saying that the Malaysia Airlines plane was shot out of the sky by a Russian-made Buk missile in 2014 as it flew over eastern Ukraine, killing 298 people, according to BBC News.

The plane crashed at the height of the conflict between government troops and pro-Russian separatists. The West and Ukraine say Russian-backed rebels brought down the Boeing 777, but Russia in return blames Ukrainian forces.

The report said that between the end of April and July 17, 2014, Ukraine had reported at least 16 of its forces’ helicopters and planes had been shot down, but “neither Ukraine nor other states or international organizations issued any specific security warnings to civil aviation about the airspace above the eastern part of Ukraine,” the DSB said.

A criminal investigation led by Dutch prosecutors is being made, according to CNN.

More bodies recovered in Guatemala after landslide

GUATEMALA – Officials said that 253 bodies have been recovered from the hillside that collapsed and buried a neighborhood in a Guatemala City suburb in October, but 374 people are still missing, according to the New York Times.

Guatemalan officials have yet to declare a state of disaster that would force the people living nearby to evict. Officials have told the people to leave because of the possibility of additional landslides. The neighborhood containing nearby residents of the Cambray community has also been declared uninhabitable.

As a result, people have begun questioning why citizens were allowed to build homes at the base of a dangerous hillside next to a small river. USA News reported that the disaster reduction commission said it had warned of the risk Cambray faced since last year and had recommended that inhabitants be relocated, although some residents said they were never warned.

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